By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 05, 2013

The Impact of the Award of the Buffalo

I have had a few days to digest my experience at the High Uintah Scout camp as staff chaplain. Those two weeks went by too fast.

Lamond Harrison

Lamond Harrison, Staff Chaplain

Lamond Harrison 2

Lamond Harrison’s Finished Wood Carving

The Utah National Parks Council made a special award called the “Award of the Buffalo” It is a larger version of the Old Duty to God award to be worn around the neck. The buffalo skull has 100 years on one side and the angel Moroni with a fleur de leis on the other. The award is to celebrate 100 years of association between the Boy Scouts of America and the LDS Church.

As part of the requirements to receive the award each person was to choose two Articles of Faith and bear testimony of why they chose them. Over 50% chose 1 and 13. When I asked my almost 12 year old grandson why he chose those he said he chose 13 because it was the Scout Law and taught us how to live. When I asked him why #1 he said, “It is about Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. They are our leaders and kind of like the head of all Scouting.” Then he said  “They have the highest rank in Scouting and want us to get that rank also.” I think he gets it!

One of the questions Scouts needed to answer was how camp has prepared them to serve a mission. Because of this award two members of youth staff will probably go on missions now that wouldn’t have gone. Adult Couples that were staffing had candid discussions with each other and decided to go on missions. One man went down from camp and met with his Bishop to tell him that he is stepping up so he could go on a mission with his wife and could he please have a calling. He is now the assistant scout master.

For two weeks I was privileged to hear heartfelt testimonies one right after another. I am so thankful someone at council was listening to the Spirit.

My heart is full.

Author: Lamond Harrison | High Uintah Camp Staff Chaplain


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