By Darryl Alder
Apr 24, 2016

A Bishop’s Landing Page

Senior businessman or bishop

The LDS Scouting Handbook 4.1 states:

The bishop provides general direction for Scouting in the ward and ensures that it is properly organized and functioning as outlined in this publication and in Handbook 2, 8.13.4 and 11.5.3. He is registered with the BSA and serves as the executive officer for Scouting units chartered by the ward.

That doesn’t sound so tough, but then you go on and see what general direction means:

  • 4.2 says your counselors should help you and one should be appointed as your Chartered Organization Representative (COR)
  • 4.3 says you organize ward Scouting committees to support activity for Aaronic Priesthood young men and for boys ages 8 through 11 in Primary Scouting
  • 5.0 is all about Scouting in the Aaronic Priesthood
  • 6.0 is about Scouting in Primary
  • 7.0 covers awards
  • 8.0 lists 22 church policies you should follow

That is all fine and good, but you may be looking for more help. For the past 2 ½ years, our team of writers has been collecting experiences from bishops, stake leaders, and even mission presidents to offer you insights into how Scouting/Venturing can help you with your prietshood quorums and ward. We hope this landing page offers you a few useful tips:

Venturing, a Resource for Your Priest Quorum

  • Priests Quorums and the Venturing Program: They learned how to use Venturing tools to discoveryoung men’s interests and needs (Activity Interest Survey), identify ward and community resources (Program Capability Inventory), and plan and evaluate activities that both interest and prepare them for life …These Venturing elements were presented one at a time and each person was asked to comment on their potential value in use with the Priest aged youth
  • Exercising Priesthood Keys to Help Youth: Some stakes present were experiencing the percentage of missionaries serving as low as 17% and some as high as 95%. This article explains why.

Planning Quorum Activities

  • Venturing Program Features and Mission Preparation: as I read the new program features I can’t help but think this program would have been a huge help to me as I prepared to move out, go to college, and serve a mission….When the program works as it is designed, you will end up with youth who are accustomed to taking charge of their own education, making and sticking to effective plans while being capable of flexibility when necessary, and confident in their abilities to take care of themselves and others.
  • ALPS: the Key to Venturing Program Planning: Many Crew (Priest Quorum) Advisors don’t know where to start when it comes to planning activities, especially since advancement in Scouting is not interesting to most of their Ventures….If you need some structure, begin with the Discovery Award Requirements which forces you to plan around Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service (ALPS).
  • Annual Program Planning for Venturing Crews: Research conducted by Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, Indiana, showed that a common element of strong units is they all have a good annual program planned a year in advance that is then shared with all families in the form of a calendar. This step by step outline will guide you through successful program planning
  • 5 Ways to Bring Sunday Lessons into Scout Activities, and Vice Versa: Our objective in the Scouting movement is to give such help as we can in bringing about God’s Kingdom on earth by including among youth the spirit and the daily practice in their lives of unselfish goodwill and cooperation.”…If there is no connection between what boys learn in church on Sunday and what they do at a Wednesday night activity, we have wasted a great opportunity to shape men of God. …The more your youth have a chance to talk about the spiritual experiences and impressions they have, the more a testimony of the gospel will become an integral part of who they are.

Training Your Quorum’s Adult Leaders

  • Crew Committee Challenge: Training for your Priest’s quorum support system
  • Venturing Leader Specific Training:  Traiing for the Young Men’s president and quorum advisor

Testimony Building

Missionary Preparation

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