By Andrew Olsen
Dec 17, 2013

BSA Membership Resolution and the BYU Honor Code

The values of Scouting have not changed and will never change. Scouting emphasizes duty to God and moral behavior. The Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is committed to the standards outlined in For the Strength of Youth, a pamphlet created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This guidebook includes standards to help young people make important choices for a happy and productive life.

The recent BSA membership resolution supports this moral code by stating, “Membership in the Boy Scouts of America requires the youth member to subscribe to (a)abide by the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law(b)subscribe to and abide by the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle (duty to God), and (c) demonstrate behavior that exemplified the highest level of good conduct and respect for other and is consistent at all times with the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

This statement reiterates that Scouting is a youth program and any sexual contact whether homosexual or heterosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently reaffirmed its commitment to the BSA with a statement on the Boy Scout Policy Vote.

Did you know that the BSA membership resolution and BYU Honor Code are nearly identical? Check out this document to see a side by side comparison of the two.


Now more than ever, Scouting values matter.  Our community has supported Scouting for over 100 years because of its ability to help boys develop self-confidence and leadership skills, and grow into productive adults in a safe environment.

We are grateful for your ongoing friendship and support. An investment in Scouting is an investment in helping young people become productive and ethical adults.

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Author: Andrew Olsen | Fund Development, Utah National Parks Council


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One thought on “BSA Membership Resolution and the BYU Honor Code

  1. Avataranonymous

    Even though participation is allowed based on outward conduct…don’t be deceived people into thinking that the new policy passes as God’s judgement policy. My religion always taught me that we are accountable for the “behavior” of our minds and the condition of our hearts.
    James basically said if a person knows better it is sin to him.
    Jesus said love everyone… he also said go thy way and sin no more. Lust in the heart alone is condemnable before God. “He that looketh…..”
    We do have a great deal of control over our thoughts and feelings.
    I’m also tired of this idea that individual choices have no effect on society or other people.
    God bless you in your efforts to follow Him!


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