By Melany Gardner
Feb 04, 2014

BSA’s 104th Birthday Feb. 8th, How Will You Celebrate?

Saturday, February 8th, Scouts will celebrate the founding of Scouting in America’s 104th Anniversary. This day is an opportunity for each pack, troop, team and crew to celebrate what it means to be in Scouting and to share the Scout Movement with the world. How will you celebrate?

104th Birthday

While Feb. 8th is the actual birthday, In fact, the whole month of February is marked as Scout Month because of two significant events: the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910 and Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, was born February 22, 1857.

In many parts of America, the anniversary is related to religious celebrations. Scout Sunday occurs the Sunday before Feb 8th and is a chance for faith-based chartered organizations to celebrate and recognize Scouting, and for Scout units to show their appreciation for the religious institution that supports their unit.

In some churches, Scouting is the theme of the sermon and the boys wear their uniforms to church that Sunday. While LDS units are not encouraged to wear their uniforms to church, some stakes will present a Scouting message or theme in sacrament meeting talks or testimony meetings.


Picture courtesy of Bryan On Scouting

This year the anniversary lands on the same day as Scout Sabbath which is celebrated the Saturday after Scout Sunday. On this day, many Jewish Scouts will participate in a program.

At the most recent count, religious organizations make up 65 percent of chartered organizations in the BSA. As those units know, chartered organizations provide much more than a place to meet and store gear. Scout Sunday is our chance to say thanks.

Ideas On How Your Unit can Celebrate Scouting’s Birthday or Scout Month:

  • Do a service project for your church, or community
  • Prepare a young men’s choir piece for your congregation
  • Throw a pizza party with birthday cake!
  • Recognize the Scouters in your unit, or ward
  • Wear your uniform all Saturday
  • Bear your testimony about Scouting in your congregation or to a friend
  • Invite a friend not involved with Scouting to join your troop
  • Recite the Scout Oath and Law to 5 different people
  • Talk to an older family member who was a Scout about their experience

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Author: Melany Gardner | Marketing and Programs Assistant, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “BSA’s 104th Birthday Feb. 8th, How Will You Celebrate?

  1. AvatarBryan Bartell

    Thank you for a great article. it was very informative. I’m surprised to read that ” While LDS units are not encouraged to wear their uniforms to church”

    has that been just recently? my family and I moved from Rigby Idaho to Spanish Fork Utah. We would wear our uniforms to church in both the stakes I lived in for scout sunday every year for the last 10 years.

    when we moved to Spanish Fork I never heard anything about scout sunday. last sept my wife and i were called as the cub scout master and assistant. I mentioned it to our committee members the other day and they didn’t know very much about scout sunday.

    1. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner Post author

      Personally I had never heard of Scout Sunday until I was writing this article. I’m a Utah native and involved with Scouting for sometime, but it must not be well known or very popular in Utah. That is why I mentioned it to get the word out. I think it would be great if every LDS Stake made Scout Sunday a theme in their sacrament meeting. Another Scouter said this on our Facebook. “According to the LDS Church Handbook; scouts are not supposed to wear their uniform to their regular Sunday meetings or passing the sacrament. Section 8.11 of the LDS Scouting handbook has the full details..even though I don’t agree with it.”


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