By Melany Gardner
Feb 26, 2017

Connect Them With Heaven

Scouting’s spiritual element is overlooked sometimes. Even when part of your calling has you teaching lessons on Sunday, we don’t often take the everyday opportunities to teach heavenly things.


“As leaders of young men, our purpose may be summarized in this way: Help young men become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfill their divine roles. To assist in achieving that purpose, we invite you to consider the three principles…always looking to the example of the Savior.”

– General Young Men Presidency, Training 2017

It can be overwhelming to teach young people, but recently the Young Men General Presidency introduced three principles that outline the most important methods you can use to have success with your young men. They are:



  1. Be With Them
  2. Connect Them With Heaven
  3. Let Them Lead


Brother Stephen W. Owen of the Young Men General Presidency warned: “Sometimes in our efforts to build strong relationships with the youth, we forget that they must be converted to the Savior, not to us. Everything we do with them should build faith in Him. To survive spiritually, they will need a strong connection with heaven, and if we intend to help them, our connection with heaven must be strong as well.”

The following video “Help Others Move toward the Savior” remind us of this very important duty as leader of young men:

Ezra Taft Benson

“It is not enough to receive the priesthood and then sit back passively and wait until someone prods us into activity. When we receive the priesthood, we have the obligation of becoming actively and anxiously engaged in promoting the cause of righteousness in the earth. ”

-President Ezra Taft Benson

A strong predictor of spiritual progress in a young man’s life is the presence of consistent private religious behaviors—personal prayer and scripture study, for example. Leaders may feel as though ‘all is well’ when they see youth participating in meetings and activities. Though young men may attend and participate consistently, if they are not involved in personal prayer, scripture study, service to family and quorum, observing the Sabbath and paying tithing, they may be at risk and in need of special attention.

We should identify activities in which young men can feel the spirit, and within all activities there should be some form of spiritual content or reflection. In all that we do, we should help a young man develop a relationship with his Heavenly Father and the Savior. Bear your testimony often so that they know that you know.

What other ways may we as leaders of young men bring spiritual elements into our everyday teaching?

For more training on this principles from the Young Men General Presidency, click here.



Author: Melany Gardner | “The Boy Scout” Editor and Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council

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