By Annaleis Smith
Mar 24, 2015

Cub Scouting and Faith in God

*Update (Jan 2017) – The modifications made to the Cub Scout program on Nov. 30, 2016, do affect the Duty to God adventures and the earning of the Religious emblem (certain requirements in Faith in God for LDS Cub Scouts):

  • PREVIOUSLY – Any boy could earn the religious emblem by completing the items in the Faith in God booklet marked with the square knot emblem. However, it only counted towards advancement in the Bear and Webelos years. An eight-year-old could earn it but it did not count towards advancement.  And in the Bear and Webelos years they had an option of earning the religious emblem and also counting it as having completed the Duty to God adventure for their rank (only once – Bear, Webelos or Arrow of Light) – Thus many packs encouraged the boys to wait and earn it during the Bear or Webelos years.
  • NOW – Earning the religious emblem does not complete any adventures by itself but is only an optional part of completing each of the Duty to God adventures. And ALL ranks (was added to the Wolf – Duty to God Footsteps adventure) now have the option of earning the Religious Emblem and counting it as one of the optional Duty to God adventure requirements. It still may only be counted towards advancement once and other options must be completed in subsequent years.

*Updated (Jan 2017) “Explanation” page for how the Duty to God, Faith in God and Religious Emblem/Knot all relate to one another for LDS Cub Scouts can be downloaded religious-emblem-faith-in-god-duty-to-god-for-lds-units-explanation here. Thanks to my friend Laura Rytting for this detailed explanation.

*Updated (Jan 2017) Download the 2017-faith-in-god-correlation-chart here. Thanks to my friend Julia Oldroyd for both the original and this updated correlation chart.

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With the changes coming to the Cub Scouting this year some of you may be wondering… How do these changes fit in with the LDS Faith in God program?  Well, If you watched the LDS specific webcasts (The webcasts are no longer viewable online) The following slide was shown…Faith in Good Webcast Slide

And the following statement was made also:

“… the new adventure program does an excellent job of correlating the requirements and rank adventures to the three areas that we want the boys to grow in… What that means is that you don’t need to plan separate Faith In God den meetings. When you run the new adventure program, your boys will have at least two experiences in these three different areas. So enjoy having fun with this new Cub Scouting program!”

Did I hear that right?  The new adventures will help a boy earn his Faith in God?  That is kinda exciting don’t you think?  If you have been a den leader you know how difficult it can seem and how frustrating to feel like you are supposed to be helping boys with both programs.  So, I asked a few of my Cub Scouting friends what they thought about the above statement and here is my favorite reply from my friend Julia, of Provo:

“As a counselor in my ward Primary Presidency, one of my duties is to help families and boys implement the Faith in God program while also participating fully in Scouting. I have often felt that for boys, Faith in God has been somewhat neglected because of its seeming difficulty to align with Cub Scout requirements and the need to do most of the activities at home with parents. Boys also have a tendency to lose track of what they have done, failing to get activities signed off at home. Parents, sometimes unsure about how Cub Scouting and Faith in God work together, tend to focus more on Scouting because the boys attend Scouts every week.

Correlation Chart – Download via previous link above

Because of this, I was curious to see how the new Cub Scout Adventure Program aligned with Faith in God. Could it really be easier than with the old program? Fortunately, the answer I discovered was ‘Yes.’ I combed through the new Cub Scout requirements for Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light, as posted on the Program Updates page at I didn’t include Tigers, because the LDS church does not sponsor them. Each time I found a direct correlation between a Cub Scout requirement and a Faith in God requirement, I made a note of it. Then I put the information into a table based on the old “Activity Correlation” on

Not only were there more correlations between the new Cub Scout program and Faith in God than the old program, I noticed that there is a new emphasis on Cub Scouts serving others that was lacking previously. With the latitude of creating individualized Faith in God experiences, many more correlations open up to boys and their families. The Faith in God chart I created only aligns the suggested Faith in God experiences with Cub Scouting. Be aware that there are a number of other options.

With the New Cub Scout Adventures, it really will be possible for boys to earn their Cub Scout ranks and their Faith in God awards simultaneously. If Den Leaders choose elective adventures that align more easily, it will help. Still, as in the current program, it will require parents and leaders to be familiar with the requirements of both Cub Scouting and Faith in God and remember to sign off the boys once they have completed the requirements.”

Notice that 6 of the 7 requirements that will earn a Cub Scout his Religious emblem are listed on the above charts as well. And so it seems it is true!  The new Cub Scout Adventures will help boys with requirements for their Faith in God award too.  What a great thing!  Not only is the new program more fun for boys and simpler for leaders… It’s easier to correlate with the LDS Faith in God program as well.  That’s what we call a “Win, Win!”

On a related note:  The March-April 2015 Issue of Scouting Magazine has an article titled “New Cub Scout and Boy Scout requirements explore duty to God.” You can read it here.

AnnaleisAuthor:  Annaleis Smith UNPC Assistant Council Commissioner for Cub Scouting            Co-Author & Correlation Chart Creator: Julia Oldroyd of the Provo Peaks District. Explanation page put together by Laura Rytting of the Timpanogos District


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18 thoughts on “Cub Scouting and Faith in God

  1. AvatarKristi Kennington

    The link to Program Updates page at doesn’t go anywhere, but to some weird other sites. I think that link is broken. Thanks. I love all the hard work you are doing. It is very helpful.

  2. AvatarPML

    Thank you so much for providing the FIG and Scout Correlations. I was just about to make my own chart when I found this.

  3. AvatarHeidi

    Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate all your efforts. Do you have a PDF or printable copy of the Faith in God Correlation chart that people can access?

    1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith Post author

      I do have a pdf of it but I need to learn how to make it accessible from the blog. I’ll get on that!

  4. AvatarJim Willits

    Thank you for preparing this. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Every Primary Presidency and Cub Scout leader will need this. Can you get it put on the National web site under leaders helps?

  5. AvatarIsabelle Bowman

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am the cub master for our stake cub scout program. I have been printing out all the literature to try and piece together my own correlation! You are wonderful! We need to pass this around to all the cub scout and primary leaders.

  6. AvatarSusan

    Annaleis, Is there anything like this for the Boy Scouts and Duty to God? Thanks for any information you can share or direct me to.

  7. AvatarMackenzie

    I’m new to scouting and was SO relieved to see this post. The link for “Religious Emblem, Faith in God & Duty to God for LDS Units Explanation” is showing up as an error (and a blank page)… I would love to be able to read through this. Help please! Thanks!

  8. AvatarDOUG DRURY

    For those of you that are not using an electronic record keeping system, may I suggest looking at We’ve been using this system for 3 years now and find it very user friendly and inexpensive. Right now it won’t interface with the BSA database but its a great system for not only keeping track of accomplishments but provides the parent the access to see where their cub scout has accomplished requirements and what he needs to do. The parent can also look at the entire program for each rank and adventure plus the electives and have an outlined syllabus for den meetings plus a pack calendar, e-mail, etc:
    Give it a look and see if it will work for you, it works for us.

  9. AvatarPaul Anderson

    Is there any plan to update the correlation chart for the new 2017 requirement? The correlation chart provided is wonderful, and we could adapt, but if an updated chart is already available, that would be wonderful.

    1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith Post author

      Thanks Paul for the reminder. The linked to document has now been updated for the 2016 modifications.

  10. Avatarcindy

    Thank you so much for providing all of this helpful information! I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve shared these VERY helpful charts and explanations with in our ward. THANK YOU!


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