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Sep 29, 2014

My experience at the Philmont Training last summer was life changing


President Dan Duncan, Counselor in the Springville UT Stake

Looking for sample outlines, we came across this letter from President Dan Duncan who after attending the Philmont LDS Priesthood Scouting Conference last year, was planning a follow-up known as Little Philmont (be sure to click on the link above to read more about their event).

Last summer I received an invitation from the First Presidency of the Church to attend a week long LDS/BSA Leadership Conference at the Boy Scout Philmont Ranch in New Mexico to receive training in the program and administration of Scouting as a supporting activity of the Aaronic Priesthood and Primary.   The instructors were from the Young Men General Presidency and General Primary Presidency and Board.

Pri Pres sharing

General Primary Presidency teaching wives of Stake Leaders at Philmong

My experience at this training last summer was a life changing experience. One of the first things I saw and felt was the spirit of unity.  That when we come together with one heart and one mind, the Lord pours down his inspiration upon us as the dews from Heaven.  We had 160 members of Stake Presidencies from throughout the Country, as well as the General YM, Primary Presidencies and their families. President Beck likened it to as close to the celestial kingdom as you will find here on earth, I agree.

Cub  Scouts at PTC

Cub Scouts sons of Stake Leaders at Flag Ceremony at Philmont Training Center

At the end of the conference we were challenged to bring this information back to our stakes and hold our own “Philmont” training.  This Little Philmont training conference has been scheduled for the second weekend in March.  We have been very fortunate to have many of the Philmont Ranch instructors present at our conference, including Adrian Ochoa, Second Counselor in the General Young Men’s Presidency.

Please make it a priority to come to this conference.  I can promise you that you will come away with information that will be helpful to you in your callings and clearer understanding of your role, whether it be as a parent of a leader in helping our young men to achieve their full potential as worthy Aaronic Priesthood holders, missionaries, faithful husbands and fathers, good citizens, and children of our Father in Heaven.

Philmont Conference is a family affair

Philmont Conference is a family affair

It is my Hope and prayer that we all will seek out inspiration from this conference for our individual stewardships. That we will be unified together with one heart and mind. That we can give back to the youth of our day what those who have gone before gave to us, their time, talents, and everything they possessed in building the kingdom of God here on earth.

Let me pose this question: What is our greatest investment?

As our Prophet Thomas S Monson states; “It is better to build boys than to repair men”.

Respectfully yours,

President  Duncan

If you are looking for help in planning your Little Philmont, call the Orem BSA Service Center at 801.437.6222, ask for Darryl Alder. We stand ready with speakers, trainers and other resources.

Dan Duncan


Author: Dan Duncan | Counselor in the Springville UT Stake Presidency


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