By Darryl Alder
Jul 02, 2014

Huge Show, Big Sound

rehearsalrehearsalAfter weeks of rehearsal, tonight Rick Lunt brought it all together, Utah’s biggest ever Celebration of Eagles scheduled for tomorrow night, July 3 at the UCCU Center on UVU campus from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


Emcee, Dallin Steven, is among the rarest Scouts who have earned the Nova and Super Nova Awards

Today we began at dawn. Fresh trees from Tifie and Maple Dell Scout Camps arrived, along with towers, boulders, pup tents, a teepee, campfires, logs, stumps, a waterfall, kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, back packs, camp kitchens, dutch ovens, cook kits, and a garrison sized American flag. Staff from those camps and from Scofield Scout Camp, Camp Jeremiah Johnson, and the Order of the Arrow joined together to empty truck after truck of supplies to build the enormous set. In all it took ten hours to assemble Camp Eagles Nest.

At 6:00 pm the cast arrived to rehearse. Then at 7:00 pm we finally got to see and hear the whole thing together. I have to tell you, its one thing to practice songs in a church, but on a 100 foot stage facing an audience of 6000 empty chairs is a whole new experience!


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Octet practices a number for Celebration of Eagles

For me, the Cub Scout Chorus steals the show with their charming voices and marches, but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Octet and American Leadership Academy Quintet numbers are a pretty close second. Though we didn’t get to hear Tanner James and the Nashville Tribute Band tonight, they will be with us in the two dress rehearsals tomorrow. Our own 100 voice Boy Scout and Scouters Choir combined to sing new, original commissioned music, along with selections from “Century of Honor.”  This is pretty good entertainment and a solid part of this year’s Freedom Festival.


Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Of course, all of this is in tribute of our Distinguished Eagles, Chad Lewis, Milton Lee, Ron Mika, and Dee Walker, along with

Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

these Outstanding Eagles:  Jeff Acerson, Steven G. Allred, Howard K. Bangerter, Sid P. Bastian, Ramon P. Beck, Richard V. Beesley, Van S. Broderick, Bruce E. Brown, Ross H. Cole, Spencer J. Cox, Eric Dowdle, L. Dean Egbert, Jacob Enslen, James T. Evans, Christopher S. Fogt, Bruce C. Frandsen, Brandon D. Fugal, Bart T. Gardiner, Spencer Paul Gillespie, Terry L. Grant, Brian Griffeth, Russell D. Gunther, Bruce R. Hiskey, Hal Holmstead, Daril D. Magleby,

photoLee L. Monroe, Lloyd D. Newell, Orrin Olsen, Wayne W. Probst, Theodore R. Rempp, Kipp M. Robins, M. Moreno Robins, Aaron M. Robinson, Greg M. Rosenvall, Lon W. Sorensen, Mark R. Stoddard, B. Todd Stubbs, Michael C. Walch, James Wright Walker, Codi F. White, Travis L. Wilcox, W. Vince Wilding, and James I. Withers, all of whom will be briefly recognized as part of the program.

From the moment it began with a six trumpet fanfare and presentation of the colors to the closing numbers, I was touched. This is a really good production…so good that I got six more tickets for family and friends.

Author: Darryl Alder | Director of Support Services, Utah National Parks Council, BSA


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