LDS/BSA Relationship
By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 31, 2017

LDS Church Responds to New Scout Policy on Transgender Youth

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responded today to BSA’s new policy allowing transgender boys to participate in the program.

The church said the following regarding the policy change:

“The Church is studying the announcement made yesterday by Boy Scouts of America. Boy Scouts has assured its religious chartering organizations that, as in the past, they will be able to organize their troops in a way fully consistent with their religious beliefs. In recent years the Church has made several changes to its programs for youth, and continues to look for ways to better serve its families and young people worldwide.”

Charles Dahlquist, National Chief Commissioner and former Young Men’s General President for the LDS church, also commented on the change in a KSL interview. He indicated that he wasn’t concerned regarding responses from religious organizations.

“That is, we have char­tered part­ners, includ­ing the LDS Church, the Methodist Church, the Luther­an Church, police orga­ni­za­tions, and all kinds of com­mu­ni­ty orga­ni­za­tions. We’ve been in con­tact with them and we’ve indi­cat­ed that this is up to them,” said Dahlquist.

For more information, review BSA’s official statement regarding its policy and Charles Dahlquist’s interview on the Voice of Scouting.


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3 thoughts on “LDS Church Responds to New Scout Policy on Transgender Youth

    1. Avatarjames mascolo

      yes we must not allow girls who think they are boys who have not gone through reassignment surgery to come into our troops furthermore gender reassignment surgery should be banned

  1. AvatarMike Yardley

    While I don’t support the Boy Scouts decision, the idea that we should “sever ties” with scouting is a bit ridiculous. The fact is that if you truly understand the scouting program it is a strong support to religion. It teaches skills and gives experiences that build great character traits in young men. I realize that there are a few people that have gone through scouting with less than great leaders that never really caught the vision or reaped the vast benefits of scouting and I feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine anyone who has had a great leader and has seen the benefits of the scouting program suggesting we drop it over a mostly political issue. The fact is that LDS troops have run and will run much the same way as they have always done. The benefits are huge in terms of the quality of young men we produce, and the downside of this decision is relatively small. It’s simply not worth the loss to make a political statement that changes nothing.


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