By Darryl Alder
Nov 30, 2016

LDS Commissioner Orientation Now Online

During the three years I served on our stake high council, I was a unit commissioner and the Stake Young Men High Council Advisor. The entire time I wished for on-demand commissioner training that I could offer our team. Because there wasn’t a succinct online training, I made a few PowerPoints and toughed my way through the National Council’s commissioner basic training. It took three two-hour sessions each a week.

There was so much content that was hard to adapt to the LDS Church, but I did my best to learn and train others without specific, LDS-focused instruction available. Imagine my surprise (and relief!) when I read this notice on the National LDS-BSA Relationship office blog:

Introducing a new training module designed specifically for commissioners assigned to LDS units! The LDS Commissioner Orientation is a beginning training for high council advisors, members of stake Young Men presidencies, members of stake Primary presidencies (if designated by the stake presidency), and others assisting them in the role of commissioners. Narrated by former Young Men general president and current BSA National Commissioner, Charles W. Dahlquist, and created under the direction of the LDS-BSA Relationships office and the BSA National training team, this exciting online tool is the first step in helping commissioners learn specific roles and responsibilities to help LDS Church-sponsored Scouting units succeed.

The LDS Commissioner Orientation is now available here. Take it today!

This course will make training newly-called and even seasoned commissioners easier and faster, so they can better serve the youth in their stewardship. Plus, hearing instruction from Charles Dahlquist, who is deeply familiar with the goals of the Church (as a former Young Men general president), and the benefits of Scouting (as a longtime Scouter and current BSA National Commissioner), makes this course incredibly powerful.

I have already completed the course and recommend it for every stake president’s counselor for youth, stake Young Men and Primary presidencies and others asked by the Church to be commissioners. It’s great, simple training that will get you on track fast.

ADarryl head BWuthor: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA served as a unit commissioner for three years just meeting the requirements for the commissioner key before moving on.

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  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder Post author

    We’ve had several Scouter’s complain about the speed this course runs. Does someone have a solution they have tried?


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