By Darryl Alder
Oct 26, 2016

Are You a New Deacons Quorum Advisor?

Let’s face it, yours is a big job what with Come, Follow Me and Duty to God. Then there is Mutual and that’s where Boy Scouting comes in, but don’t get overwhelmed with Scouting jargon. Instead, use this checklist that contains a few key points to help you take it a step at a time—this is a job description with a timeline if you will:

Deacons Quorum Adviser and His Assistant Tasks in a Boy Scout Troop

First week

First month

  • Help the deacons quorum presidency make an annual plan using Program Features for Troops, Teams and Crews, Duty to God and Come, Follow Me. Also you may find this video helpful :
    (You can also down load this as a PowerPoint at program planning conference guide. Either way this takes the troop step by step through the planning process, but does not include LDS Duty to God and Come, Follow Me).
    Annual Program Planning
  • Each month, help the presidency hold a patrol leaders’ council (presidency and all patrol leaders, including one from the 11-year old Scouts) to fill in the detailed plans and assignments for weekly troop meetings
  • Plan for monthly outdoor campouts or activities and at least one long-term camp during the year. Don’t forget to include 11-yr old Scouts on three overnight campouts annually
  • Assist parents in preparing young men for Melchizedek Priesthood ordination, missionary service, temple endowments and marriage
  • Obtain and wear a Scout leader uniform
  • Attend troop committee meeting with your assistant and 11-year old Scout leader.
  • Attend monthly Scouting roundtables

First quarter

  • Help the presidency plan regular courts of honor
  • Complete Boy Scout leader-specific training when offered by your stake or online any time at LDS Scoutmaster Training Series
  • Complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills when offered in your district
  • When able, attend Wood Badge training

(see also: for a few more start-up details)

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