By Maria Milligan
Feb 12, 2018

New Roundtable Curriculum for LDS Troops

Need help with your Scouting program? Have questions? New to your calling? Roundtable can help! Our new roundtable curriculum is more focused than ever on helping youth have a high-quality activity program that ties to Sunday lessons and goals.

Scouting programs facilitate high-quality, boy-led activities. The goal of roundtable is to help stake leaders and quorum advisors understand and use resources to make this happen. This is also a chance for leaders to reflect on how they can accomplish the Young Men general presidency’s directive to “Be with them, connect them with heaven, and let them lead.”

The new roundtable plans at use the BSA’s Program Features as a guide to train and direct leaders. These materials will be presented at district roundtables, or stakes are welcome to use these resources as the curriculum for their own training meetings. Each roundtable plan focuses on one of the 48 program features and models a typical quorum activity. This version also incorporates leadership skills taught in the NYLT curriculum, adapted to fit the needs of LDS youth. Each agenda incorporates Come, Follow Me themes and other spiritual connections. These plans will help quorum advisors learn necessary skills, recognize their resources, and practice holding a boy-led meeting.

Roundtable commissioners are a resource to ensure the meeting flows smoothly (just like the Scoutmaster/advisor should be at the unit meeting). Each meeting should be a guided discovery so the advisors leave prepared to be successful with their quorums.

Each month on this site and at roundtable, you’ll come away with the tools you need to help the youth run a successful program.

Let us know if you have any questions on how to implement this new curriculum.


Author: Maria Milligan | Chief of Staff, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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