pathway to priesthood
By Julia Thompson
Apr 08, 2018

Pathway to Priesthood: Scouting Promotes Leadership, Citizenship and Priesthood Preparation

Pathway to Priesthood: Scouting Promotes Leadership, Citizenship, and Priesthood Preparation

pathway to priesthood

As the longest formal chartered partner of the Boy Scouts of America, Scouting has been a staple in the LDS Church for a long time. The reason the Church has stuck with Scouting is that the program truly promotes the important goals the Church seeks to achieve with its youth. This is especially true with Priesthood preparation.

Scouting Builds Honorable Men

Scott Springer was a shy 4.0 student. With the encouragement of his parents, he joined Scouting. He started becoming more social and making friends. His newfound skills motivated him to join the geography bee team as well. By the time he earned his Eagle Scout Award, he had taken positions of leadership, drawn closer to God, strengthened his family relationships, and made numerous friends. Now, as he approaches adulthood, he is planning on serving a mission. He also spends three hours every week delivering food for the local food pantry.  He contributes his success to Scouting. Learning to do hard things combined with the spiritual messages every meeting helped Scott transform into an honorable man. Scouting was essential in Scott’s pathway to Priesthood.  

Positive Scouting Experiences

There are many people who have life-changing adventures through Scouting.

There was one non-member family who joined Scouting. Through their positive experiences, one-by-one, they joined the Church. Their family is forever changed because of Scouting. That Scout is now on a mission.

pathway to priesthoodAnother Scout had opportunities in Scouting he would have never had otherwise. His parents were both disabled and spent the majority of their time at home. Sometimes, this even prevented them from going to church. When the boy started Scouting he was able to experience the outdoors like never before.

A young boy named Mike Neider was at a Scout campout hoping to earn his Swimming Merit Badge. He was nervous, though, because the swim was long and the water freezing. He pushed past his fears and completed the mile-long swim in the frigid waters. He got out of the lake and saw the light reflecting off the water and thought, “I can do anything!” He now is a successful man with a lovely family and strong testimony and is the President of the Utah National Parks Council. Scouting truly helped Mike on his pathway to Priesthood. 


Battling Present Day Problems

One thing that prevents young boys from becoming strong Priesthood holders is the ways of the world. Negative relationships, mental health problems, confused emotions and technology addictions are problems that afflict the young people of our time. These obstacles are preventing young people from living. Scouting helps combat this by encouraging the creation of positive relationships and getting outdoors. Taking leadership positions and working towards achieving goals also supports proper growth and development.

Sister Wixom

Sister Wixom wapathway to priesthoods a General Primary President, Silver Beaver Award recipient, and a member of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America. She said,

“I look at Scouting and we are in a place now when we need it more than ever. Scouting puts boys on the path to manhood by learning the character traits that will help them be successful in life. It’s the opportunity to be exposed to leaders and mentors that will guide these boys in their lives. We begin when they are eight years old when they are young and so impressionable.

In addition, it’s so healthy to open these boys’ eyes to the fact that there is much good in the world. When values are reinforced from many directions then it has a greater impact on the young man. We can trust the Scouting program to reinforce these values.”

Incorporating Gospel Principles into Scouting is crucial. A strong Scouting program can help immensely on the pathway to Priesthood.

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Author: Julia Thompson | BA in English from BYU | Marketing and Fund Development Associate | Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “Pathway to Priesthood: Scouting Promotes Leadership, Citizenship and Priesthood Preparation

  1. AvatarJ. Redd

    It is with great sadness that I have been forced to make the decision of taking my boys out of scouting. The national leadership has shown that they can be bent and twisted like a sapling in a windstorm. When our values as church members are no longer reflected by the national leadership, I must stop supporting it.
    Today is a tragic day. Today the boy BSA has waved the flag of surrender to the forces that seek to undermine man hood , and the developing of boys into good standing men. Masculinity is under attack, and the BSA has rolled over to the forces of evil. Those that seek to destroy the family, and a pillar of the family, a good man.
    If you don’t stand on principle, you have nothing to stand on. Time for our church to leave scouting all together, stop spending sacred funds on an organization that no longer star and stand up for our beliefs.


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