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Apr 23, 2014

Prophets and Scouting: Did You Know?


Many LDS leaders participated in Scouting.


Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) was the prophet when Scouting was organized as a part of the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association.

Heber J. Grant (1856–1945) attended the 1937 World Scout Jamboree in Holland.

George Albert Smith (1870–1951) was the first Church member to serve on the BSA National Executive Board.

David O. McKay (1873–1970) was the prophet when Cub Scouting and 11-year-old Scouts were made part of the Primary association.

Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994) was commissioned as an assistant Scoutmaster of his Whitney, Idaho, ward Scout troop at age 18.

Howard W. Hunter (1907–95) was the second boy in Idaho to receive his Eagle Scout award.

Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008) was a Boy Scout in his youth.


Thomas S. Monson has served on the BSA National Executive Board longer than any other member.

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