By Michelle Carpenter
Dec 26, 2016

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

It’s still 2016, but we’re about to say goodbye to the old year!  We all had some crazy Scouting experiences in the past twelve months–memorable moments, funny mishaps, and new Scout procedures. While you made many Scouting memories on your own, the Boy Scout captured some exciting things. Here’s your favorite ten posts (based off readership) from our blog this year:

  1. Charles Dahlquist on Why the Church Sticks with Scouting, and So Does He


At least to me, it seems clear that the Church is ‘in Scouting.”  While there are some who seem to get hung up on the term “…at this time…,” that seems a little thin to me.  Those words, while not previously spoken or specifically written, have always been understood – from the very beginning.


2. Springdale Scout Receives Medal of Merit Before Entering MTC

springdaleWe lifted the man off of the chair and put him onto the floor. As we began CPR, I searched for a pulse while trying to comfort the wife. After about 10 minutes the man opened his eyes and seemed dazed as he began to dry heave. We turned him on his side so he could breathe better. EMT’s arrived 15 minutes later. The man was stabilized and thanked me and my coach. I know that if my coach and I were not there the man would not have lived.

3. Elder Holland Offers Keynote at BSA Duty to God Breakfast


Elder Holland started his remarks by referring to Randall Stephenson. He said it is a tremendous compliment to us that he [Stephenson] wanted to stay to the fireside with so many other places he could be–places that would be more exciting. “We’ll all be in bed by 8:30.” [Laughter] “You could probably find a more raucous group elsewhere.” [More laughter]


4. How the Utah National Parks Council is Addressing Your Scouting Concerns


Have you heard of the Six Pillars of Being Prepared also known as the “Why Scouting Matters” document yet? The six pillars were developed from an earlier survey to stake presidents and bishops on why scouting matters and have since been implemented into all parts of the program from our summer camps, to district roundtables.

5. Online Scouting Registration– Available to Everyone!


The initial phase of the BETA test for online registration has been completed. This exciting tool is now available for every unit in our Council to use. There are three vital points to remember if we are going to implement online registration successfully in our Council.


6. Historic Provo City Center Temple Award

temple-awardFor a limited time, you and your family can earn the Historic Provo City Center Temple Award.  This beautiful award was organized to help our community join in the celebration of the reconstruction of the Historic Provo Tabernacle into the Provo City Center Temple.

This award will be available from January – August 31, 2016 only.  Attached are the details and requirement to participate in this wonderful experience.  Don’t miss out.  Everyone can join in!

  7. Stephen W. Owen, YM General President, Inspires Scouters

owen-feature-1In the Book of Mormon, Nephi is commanded to build a ship. There’s a lot that went into it and I’m not going to go into the whole story, but if we are not thinking clearly and not looking at the right purpose, we may think that building the ship was the goal.

Do you know what it really was? The real goal was to build the ship to get to the Promise Land.

   8. BYU Football Scout Day–BYU vs. Southern Utah Nov. 12

byu-bsa-2016    Get discounted tickets for the Cougars’ home game November 12, 2016. Anyone who loves Scouting can get BYU Football vs. Southern Utah tickets for $13.00 (regularly @ $20). With every ticket purchasedusing promo code BYUBSA, BYU will donate $2.50 to help support Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council.

   9. Scouters Pledge to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

feature-scout-sign-oath AS SCOUTERS IN THE UTAH NATIONAL PARKS COUNCIL, we pledge to help our LDS chartered partners use the Scouting program and all it has to offer to prepare young men for priesthood duties, missions, temple marriage, fatherhood, and lives of service to God and their fellowmen.

   10. To Friends of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council 


100% of Friends of Scouting dollars are used to benefit scouting locally in the Utah National Parks Council and its districts. As for Scouts in LDS Church-sponsored units, BSA National is funded from Scout registration fees, which Church Headquarters annually pays directly to BSA National.



Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.

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