By Darryl Alder
Jan 15, 2017

With Keys He Can Do IT

In a recent series of meetings, Brother Steven J. Lund, of the Young Men’s General Board, said:

You may say, “Really? We’re going to let a Teacher’s Quorum President be in charge of other 14 year olds?”

Then he pointed out that “when that Teacher’s Quorum President was set apart, hands were laid on his head. From how many hands is he removed from an apostle, and their keys?”

Answering the question, he posed another: ”

Who has the authority to set apart a Teacher’s Quorum President? The Bishop; that’s one. Where did the Bishop get his keys? The Stake President; that’s two. Where did that Stake President get his keys? He either got them from an Apostle, or from a 70. Apostolic keys are only delegated from the Twelve. So the Stake President was set apart with apostolic keys, and the bishop was set apart as an extension of those powers. Only two sets of hands separate a Teacher’s Quorum from Apostolic powers.

After this revealing statement explaining the power of the structure of this church as flat, he said, “The Savior reserves those powers very closely.”

Then he recalled how Wilford Woodruff read the Book of Mormon, was baptized, became a teacher, and started his mission all in one day. At his first church conference he was sustained as a priest. Later in life, President Woodruff observed: “Heavenly Father blessed me as much as a teacher, and especially as a priest, in my ministrations as a missionary every bit as much as ever He has as in my role as an apostle.”

He asked that as we help youth plan meaningful activities that “we direct them towards Heaven in the course of these activities and hope for those teaching moments when they can be moved.”

He asked that we pray for our youth to “be drawn towards an incandescent program because there is so much fun, and so much growth and leadership that the kids can’t stop talking about it?” He affirmed our capacity to bring this to pass in our quorums and said that,

You know who instituted the Scouting program in the church, and who has perpetuated it? Prophets, seers and revelators. Thomas S. Monson… pondered and considered at great length as to whether Scouting should still be a part of our program, and if it would help the young men achieve what they need to. He ‘came down from the mountain’ and said yes. That’s all I need to know. If the Prophet says this is where we are then I am all in
—Steven J. Lund | Young Men’s General Board

“Every level of leadership needs to understand this, and support it, and share it and be able to defend it to anyone who may doubt it, and predict that it’s on its way out.”

Closing his thoughts on how youth presidents can use their keys to lead their quorums, he said”

I bear you my testimony that that is true. That Heavenly Father cares deeply for a Deacon Quorum President, and the Teacher’s Quorum President, and for the 14-year-olds. He trusts them and will guide them and help them expand their vision through us. So, let’s trust them. Let’s let them lead.

He asked us to lend the youth all our creativity, all our discipline and all our power so that these young leaders will trust and believe through the relationships we build with them. If we do, he promised, “one day they’ll find themselves in front of a door, ready and able to change someone’s life and be a tool in the Lord’s hands.”

Steven J Lund | LDS Young Mens General Board Member. These are excerpts from an address given by him at two Little Philmont Courses in the Fall of 2016 at Mt. Dell Scout Ranch near Mt. Pleasant UT

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