By Utah National Parks Council
May 11, 2018

Influential Women in Scouting 2018 Recipients

There are many women in Scouting working to help boys grow up to be honorable and valiant men. Some of these women, through their devotion and talent, become mentors and guides for those of us who see how very important this work is and want to make a real difference.  Every year the Utah National Parks Council recognizes a few of these outstanding women who impact the lives of so many boys and inspire so many leaders to be better.  We introduce this year’s recipients of the Influential Women in Scouting Award. Download the program here

Karen Adams — Payson

Karen is currently the UNPC Customer Service Manager. Over the past 24 years, she has held numerous positions within the council. Her Scouting career began in 1994 as a Scout Shop employee in Provo. Karen has years of administrative experience and excellent rapport-building kills, with those in the Scouting community and with the public. Karen has served as a Troop Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Webelos Den Leader and is now the Pack Committee Chair. She enjoys both her volunteer and professional Scouting experiences and is rewarded by the friendships she makes. Karen feels privileged to work with organizations and people who make a difference.

Sue W. Anderson — Blanding

For 24 years, Sue has served in many Scouting positions on the unit and district levels. Many boys have benefited from her help with Eagle paperwork and Jamboree patches. Sue has helped with Day Camp for over 18 years and Webelos-ree for 13. She has been handing in mistake-free re-charter paperwork for 20 years. Sue has 4 – soon to be 5 – Eagle Scout sons. Her many awards include the District Award of Merit and the 2017 City of Monticello Citizen of the Year. Sue is Akela’s Council trained. The Scout Oath and Law are a driving force in her life. Sue has also served for many years in her community with high school sports, activities, and community council for years.

Lorraine Brown — Orem

As a Merit Badge Counselor, Lorraine has quietly supported Scouts and Scouting for over 25 years. She has been involved in Cub Scouting – including starting a Tiger Cub den. She has served in many positions in multiple units, including Girl Scouts, for 10 years. As a Merit Badge Counselor Lorraine makes a real difference in the lives of those boys she helps by making sure they truly earn the badge. The units she has worked with over the years will be forever blessed by their association and friendship with Lorraine. Those who know her are amazed at what she has accomplished and even more so because so much of it has been done quietly behind the scenes.

Shantelle Cox — Heber

During her 10 years of Scouting at the unit, district, and council level, Shantelle has impacted a  generation of boys. She has celebrated every one of her Bears’ major milestones, including a cake for each of their Eagle courts of honor. Shantelle is known as “the Cub Scout person” in her district and has been given responsibilities because she is trustworthy and obedient. She is always helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind. Shantelle was instrumental in inviting girls to Day Camp also. Her 20 years of service to the community include serving as a teacher, missionary, girls camp leader, Primary leader, Relief Society leader, homeroom mother, and a member of the Utah State Quilt Build.

Jennifer Lynne Evans — Nephi

With three Eagle Scout sons and over 20 years of experience in Scouting, Jennifer has been a tireless advocate of Scouting. She continues to be an active Cub Scout leader even though her own sons have aged out of the program. She is always willing to accept assignments and fulfill her duty until the task is completed. She has held numerous positions within the community that require her to be a capable steward and has shown her ability to be task-oriented while not losing sight of the individual. As a High School math teacher, Scout volunteer, and church leader, she has spent much of her time, talent, and efforts supporting the values of Scouting.

Bonnie Gibbs — Midway

Bonnie’s service in Scouting began as a den leader in 2003. Since then she has been a Troop Committee member, Troop Committee chair, merit badge counselor, and Assistant District Commissioner over Roundtable. She is always willing to help, whether that involves merit badges, training, or finding a uniform. Her training sometimes includes a great meal made in her portable cob oven. Bonnie’s 30 years of exemplary service to her community includes starting the Wallsburg Community Library and two humanitarian expeditions to Peru. Bonnie has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of all youth in her community. She is kind, caring, and encourages youth to do their best.

Jaimee Harvey — St. George

Jaimee has had the opportunity to serve many young people for over 18 years through her profession as an educator and her Scouting assignments. She is a natural leader and with her
example of living the values of Scouting, she has strengthened the Scouting program in the Zion District. She has served in a variety of positions at the unit and district levels. Jaimee was instrumental in assembling a manual on basic Cub Scouting for the units in her sub-district. She also visits individual units or their leaders to provide training so that the Scouting program is administered correctly. Jamiee has served faithfully in many civic, church, and community roles and is well respected by her peers.

Melanie Hatch — Eagle Mountain

As a Scout leader for over 11 years, Melanie has served in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and in the district as a Unit Commissioner and Roundtable Staff. She has helped train numerous leaders in her district and has served on the staff for University of Scouting and Wood Badge. Melanie is Akela’s Council and Wood Badge trained. She is a great example of hard work and endless hours of service. Melanie has a special place in her heart for those with special needs and has blessed the lives of many as she has served as the State Coordinator of Utah CHADD for 14 years, and has been a member of the Utah Special Education Advisory Panel for the Utah State Education Department.

Talana Ivie — Huntington

Talana has served in Scouting positions in a dedicated and reliable manner. She has served for more than 25 years on the unit and district level as a Cub Scout leader, 11-yearr-old Scout leader, and Roundtable instructor. Talana has also taught classes at Pow Wows and helped organize the local 100 Years of Scouting event. She is an influential leader and is known as the “go to” leader for questions and training. Talana has also served for many years as a teacher and youth leader in
her church, a County Fair Board Member, Pennies by the Inch District Coordinator, and has volunteered at local schools for over 20 years. She is the mother of five Eagle Scouts.

Rebecca Pope Larson — Blanding

Rebecca’s service to youth extends well beyond the 30 years she has served in Scouting. She has served in multiple councils as a Den Leader, Troop Committee member, District Roundtable Commissioner, Council Camp Commissioner, and NCAP team member. In the community Rebecca has also served in Girl Scouts, Primary, PTA, Young Women, and as a T-Ball coach. She continues to teach and encourage youth since beginning as an elementary school teacher 12 years ago. Her ‘kids’ are now serving missions, going to college, and entering adulthood. Despite health issues, Rebecca’s example of service is a strength to all whose lives she has touched.

Tara L. Mickelsen — Alpine

Tara has set the bar high for those who might choose to follow her example. She has organized Cub Scout Day Camp, Webelos Woods, served as Assistant Roundtable Commissioner,been on the University of Scouting faculty, and is Wood Badge trained. She created a 40-page instruction manual for the Alpine District Pow Wows and has helped improve district roundtables. She has taught her own children the ideals of Scouting and is exemplary wife and mother. Tara has been deeply involved in her community and the Alpine PTA. By living the Scout Oath and Law, Tara leads by example and helps build character in the youth she serves.

Susan Mika — Alpine

Over the years, Sue has been a Cub Scout Den Leader a number of times, a Troop Committee member, and is currently an 11-year-old Scout Leader for the third time. She is also a member of the UNPC Executive Board. She is Wood Badge trained and has earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Scouting. Sue helped plan, organize, and teach at this year’s Leadership Summit. Sue loves the positive impact that Scouting has had on her boys and the boys in her community. She is a supportive mother of seven, including four Eagle Scout sons and is a grandma to five future Eagle Scouts. She looks forward to continually supporting Scouting in many ways.

Mary Piscitelli — Midway

Mary has been involved in Scouting for more than 20 years. She has served in her unit and district in multiple positions including Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner. Mary continued to serve in her unit during her cancer treatments. She never complains and is a great example of a positive attitude and perseverance. Mary has served on Timberline staff and on Wood Badge staff three times. She is an active member of her community serving on the district PTA board, High School wrestling board, USA Wrestling Utah board, and helped start the Heber Valley Soccer Club and Meet the Masters art program at her local elementary school.

Suzaun Richardson — Manti

For many years Suzaun has served her local youth by helping in the schools with reading programs and sports. She has served in many positions in her church, including Young Women, Relief Society, and Primary. For over 30 years, she has committed herself to Scouting and is always cheerful and helpful. Suzaun always makes a conscious effort to learn and call people by their name. Under her direction, as Committee Chair, she has helped create the most effective Scout committee in her stake. She has also become the “go-to” person for questions and help with Scoutbook. Suzaun is a great example of all points of the Scout Law and always does what she says she will do.

Ann Shumway — Salem

Ann started as a Bear Den Leader in 2001 and is still doing that today. She has worked for the Utah National Parks Council since 2006 and is most known as the Camp Director of Camp Jeremiah Johnson. She has mentored hundreds of young men and women who have worked as staff at Camp JJ, including her own children. Ann is both Akela’s Council and Wood Badge trained. She served as a Wood Badge Course Director in 2016. She is also involved with the Order of the Arrow. Ann is always willing to help others and is a great example of one who lives the Scout Oath and Law. The number of lives, both youth and adult, that she has touched through Scouting are truly countless.

KayLynn Sims — Lehi

KayLynn’s many years of service to Scouting include being a Den Leader, Assistant Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair, committee member, Varsity Big Event staff member, Cub Roundtable staff, and Cub Roundtable Commissioner. She is an example of perseverance, loyalty, and hard work. KayLynn is always willing to lend a hand and to offer comfort, advice, and encouragement. It is evident in the way that KayLynn talks about her Scouting experiences that she loves this work because she loves the boys. For nearly 20 years, she has served in the PTA and PTO. She has served at the charter school and on the Community Emergency Response Team.

Sandra Smith — Orem

Sandra has put in many years of service. She has been involved in many ways, including as a Merit Badge counselor, William T. Hornaday Award advisor, Trainer’s EDGE instructor, Leave No Trace Master Educator, Wood Badge SPL, and much more. She enjoys teaching and training others to be better leaders to youth, both in and out of Scouting. Sandy always tries to find a way to present the materials as exciting, fun, and educational all at the same time. Sandra is a person of high integrity and lives a life that adheres to and demonstrates to all around her the ideals and values of Scouting. A great many youth and adults have been impacted by her service.

CoriAnn Sweat — Midway

CoriAnn has volunteered in multiple Cub Scout positions in her unit and in the Wasatch District. She is known as an exceptional leader wherever she serves, whether it is teaching roundtable breakout sessions, as a Den Leader or Cubmaster, or volunteering at the local Pow Wow. She excels at running the Pack Committee and making life easier for all the other leaders in her unit. CoriAnn works hard to ensure leaders are well trained and capable of keeping the boys safe and running a great program. Despite back problems and pain, she has continued to serve in Scouting and her community for over 18 years. She has also been involved in her church and local PTA.

Ellen Townsend — American Fork

For more than 22 years, Ellen had devoted herself in service to Scouting. Helping other people at all  times would be a way of living for Ellen. If the boys need help in the Scouting program, she is there to make it work. Over the years she has served in multiple positions in her unit and has also served tirelessly for the district. She served for many years as Webelos Woods Director and Cub Day Camp Assistant Director. Ellen also worked many years as the Trading Post Director at Camp Jeremiah Johnson. As a devoted mother of five children, she has also volunteered many hours of service to her church and her children’s schools.

Debra Twitchell — Provo

As a Scouting volunteer with over 20 years of service, Debra has been an outstanding example to the youth as she encourages and helps them in a very selfless way. She has served as a committee chair and as an 11-year-old Scout leader for many years. She has invested time helping to organize and improve the 11-year-old Scouting program within her stake to be a program where boys have great experiences and advance in Scouting. Debra is a great example of Scouting principals. She is always prepared, well organized, and has a great love for the youth. She has also been involved in service to her community in various ways, including PTA.

Brenda Van Wagoner — Eagle Mountain

Brenda serves with all her might, mind, and strength and goes the extra mile in all she does. She has served in Scouting for over 30 years. Her positions include Den Leader, Cubmaster, 11-ear-Old Scout leader, and Unit Commissioner. Brenda has served on Wood Badge staff five times and has been a Wood Badge Course Director. She has also served in many callings in her church serving the adults and the youth. In her community, Brenda organized Reflections assemblies in schools throughout Utah and was a soccer coach for many years. Brenda is always anxiously engaged in a good cause. She often has an encouraging word for the downhearted and is a friend to all.

Nancy Wheeler — Lehi

Nancy loves and cares for all the boys as if they were her own and has worked hard to provide well-trained adults to lead those boys. She has served as a Pack Committee Chair, on the Troop Committee, and has helped train adult leaders for the past 24 years. She has worked on many Day Camps and was the Administrative Camp Director of the Woodland Trails Boy Scout Reservation. Nancy has served on staff for NYLT, Wood Badge, and Buckskin (Adult Leader training in Ohio). Nancy has dedicated 30 years of her life to serving youth. She has worked with the Girl Scouts, PTO, and Community Soccer. Nancy also teaches organizational skills and family history.

Cheryl Williams — Pleasant Grove

Over the past 15 years, Cheryl has been involved in Scouting at different levels. She has served as Cub Committee Chairman, Den Leader, Roundtable Commissioner, and as the District Advancement Chair. Cheryl has helped many young men advance in both Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting. Many of them have reached the Eagle Rank. Cheryl has demonstrated exceptional character in all that she does. She gives all of her time and attention to her family, church calling, and her community. She sits on the Community Councils of Manilla Elementary and Pleasant Grove High School and is involved with a local dance studio all while managing her own Preschool business.

Wendy Wiltbank — Lehi

As a mother of five Scouts, Wendy has been involved in Scouting for over 20 years. Over the years she has served in every Cub Scout position. She has also served in many positions for the district including Roundtable Commissioner, Membership Chair, Wood Badge Staff, District Committee member, and Webelos Woods Assistant Director. She is very knowledgeable of Scouting policies and programs and has completed almost every training BSA offers. She is someone who strives to be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. It has been said of Wendy that “no task is too great, no goal is out of reach, and rattlesnakes don’t seem to bother her much either.”

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