By Madison Austin
Jun 02, 2017

Nine-Year-Old Cub Scouts Become Scout Expo 2017 Top Ticket Sellers

Scouts have always been great examples of hard work and dedication. This effort is important in accomplishing the goals of the Boy Scouts.

Two young Bear Scouts from the Cedar Breaks District of the Utah National Parks Council exemplified this, demonstrating just how hard Scouts can work. Jaren Green, from pack 1891, and Braxton Anderson, from Pack 335, accomplished a huge feat while fundraising for their pack by selling tickets to the 2017 Scout Expo.

The fundraiser begins each spring when the Cedar Breaks District holds a Scouting Expo in Southern Utah. This year, the 2017 Scout Expo was held on Saturday, May 20th at the Cedar High School soccer field. The Expo itself consists of a patriotic-themed opening ceremony and features booths that are sponsored by local Scouting units from the community.  This year the Expo had a wide variety of themed booths along with demonstrations from the Cedar City Police K-9 Unit and paramedics from Gold Cross Ambulance.

The Scout Expo is a fundraiser for the local Scout units and for the district itself. Before the big event, tickets are sold to the local community for $5 each. The ticket features coupons from local business owners in the community and furthermore, is valued at over $100 in savings. Tickets are mostly sold by Cub Scout-aged youth (8-10 years old) sell the tickets door to door. The boys earn $1 from each ticket sold.  Also, if their Cub Scout pack sponsors a booth the pack earns $2 from each ticket sold. 

Friendly Competition

Top ticket sellers Jaren and Braxton battle at the Scout Expo.

This year, Scouts Jaren and Braxton decided to have a friendly competition. The competition evolved into quite the battle of who could sell the most tickets. To go the extra mile, the boys even got a vendor license to sell at Wal-Mart. And it sure paid off! Their parents were also extremely supportive and spent countless hours taking them out to sell. As a result, the two young men sold 888 tickets combined!  This represents $4,440 in ticket sells. Because a  typical unit only sells about 75-100 tickets combined, this is especially noteworthy. 

Out of the two boys, Jaren was the top seller with 500 tickets sold.  Because of this, he received a $500 Walmart gift card. Braxton was in second place with 388 tickets sold. He received a $388 Walmart gift card. Most importantly, through hard work, determination, and some friendly competition, they have helped their packs to be able to provide a fun, quality program for the whole pack over the next year. 

A Proud District

Lisa Jensen, from the Cedar Breaks District, says, “We as a district are extremely proud of these two boys…This is also the first time in the history of the Cedar Breaks Scout Expo that two individual boys have sold this many tickets so it is quite the accomplishment. ” We are always inspired by the things Scouts can accomplish, especially when their skills help all those around them. Good job to Jaren, Braxton, and all Scouts who are working hard to help their packs and gain new skills. 

So, don’t forget to ask your local Scouts for tickets next time they’re on sale so you can help support local packs!


Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 


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6 thoughts on “Nine-Year-Old Cub Scouts Become Scout Expo 2017 Top Ticket Sellers

  1. AvatarLisa Jensen

    Jaren Green actually belongs to Pack 1891 and Braxton Anderson is Pack 335. I just thought I’d clarify that. Thanks, Lisa Jensen-Cedar Breaks District Executive

  2. AvatarDavid West

    Congrats and well done to Jaren and Braxton. Learning salesmanship skills is one of the best skills boys can learn in Scouting. Too often, church units bypass these growth opportunities. I’ve seen my own son in a new light as he approached random strangers to buy popcorn.

  3. AvatarSTEVEN M HALL

    Loved the article. Just an FYI: “sells” is the verb, “sales” is the noun. No worries, everyone in Utah gets this one wrong. 🙂

  4. AvatarRenee Lyman

    I wish I had sold some tickets! This is amazing! Just goes to show what a little determination and motivation can do- even at 9 years old!

  5. Derrick LarsenDerrick Larsen

    This is so cool! It is great when a boy takes a challenge and excels. This is what Scouting is all about!


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