By Darryl Alder
Jun 22, 2016

Scoutbook: Managing Advancement—And Soon, So Much More!

ScoutbookWhen BSA announced its acquisition of Scoutbook in April 2015, it stated “Scoutbook expands Scouting’s presence in the digital space and helps the organization connect with its leaders and members when, where, and how they prefer.” In its Bryan on Scouting “Blog for BSA’s Adult Leaders,” Scouting magazine has called Scoutbook a “revolutionary web app that makes tracking advancement easier, faster and more fun.”

Using Scoutbook, Scouts, parents, and unit leaders now are able to cooperatively record, track, and manage individual advancement within their unit. Check out for current features, available in both a mobile platform and via the Web. In addition, Frequently Asked Questions can be found at

ScoutNET is currently the official place to maintain and access advancement records.[/pullquote]It should be noted that at this time Scoutbook does not automatically sync with ScoutNET. Entering advancement information into Scoutbook does not make it part of the Scout’s official Scouting record. Units must manually sync their records to ScoutNET on a regular basis to ensure proper reporting of advancement.

Over the next several months, the National Council will be working with the developer to integrate Scoutbook with BSA’s membership system, allowing an automatic sync. Information about this exciting transition will be communicated through Scouting Wire. So keep your eye on that “Official Blog of the Scouting Movement” for updates and information on how Scoutbook will enhance the way you track your Scouts’ advancement progress. The Boy Scout will highlight features of this advancement tool in the coming issues, as information becomes available.

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Author: Boy Scouts of America | Advancement News

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