By Annaleis Smith
Jan 10, 2017

Summertime Pack Award – It’s Easy!

Yes, I know that it’s winter right now, and it may be hard to think about summer. But, a Scout is always prepared. It’s never too late to look back at last summer or look ahead and plan for next summer. Earning the National Summertime Pack Award is really quite easy, so we hope your pack earned it last summer and/or is planning to earn it next summer.

There are 3 levels or possible award types. Awards can be given to the pack, the dens and the individuals.  First, we will look at the pack because it has to be earned for any of the others to even be possible.

How to earn the National Summertime Pack Award?

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-25-50-pmHold 3 pack activities – 1 in June, 1 in July and 1 in August.  That’s it.  Really, it’s that simple.  So if you are a pack that is meeting year-round, as you should be, earning this should almost be automatic.

What does the pack get?

national-summertime-pack-award-certificateThe pack is awarded a certificate stating that they earned the award. They also receive a pack streamer (ribbon) to add to the pack flag.national-summertime-pack-award-banner

How does an individual earn a pin?

IF your pack earned the Summertime Pack Award, then any individual, boy or adult, who attended all 3 of those pack activities can be awarded the Summertime Pack Award pin.  The pin comes in different colors depending on which den the boy is in.  So, a boy could earn a different pin each summer. The pin is worn above the right pocket.national-summertime-award-individual-pins

How can a den earn the ribbon?

national-summertime-den-ribbonIF your pack earns the Summertime Pack Award, any den with least 50% attendance at each of the 3 pack activities can be awarded a ribbon for their den flag or den doodle.  It does not have to be the same boys each month–you just need 50%+ attendance at each of the activities.

Is there an application?

national-summertime-pack-award-applicationYes, there is!  There is an official application for the National Summertime Pack Award which includes tracking info so you can  track what the activities were, which dens were there, etc.  You can download the official application from the national BSA website here.




So, like I said – it’s easy!  At least, it should be if you are aware of what is required to earn it. You can plan now to be sure your pack earns it next summer. Just be a pack that keeps going all summer, and many of your den and individuals will probably qualify too.  So even though it may be winter right now – you can plan for summer too.


Annaleis SmithAuthor: Annaleis Smith has been a Cub Scout leader (Cubmaster, Den Leader, Pack Trainer and Cubmaster again) Since 2003. She loves Cub Scouting and how it can help a boy grow into a fine young man. She currently serves as the Cubmaster in her ward/pack and as the Utah National Park’s Council’s Vice President of Membership.


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3 thoughts on “Summertime Pack Award – It’s Easy!

    1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith Post author

      Yes, Day Camp might qualify if ALL dens are invited. Maybe I am being too technical but I personally don’t count Cub Scout Day Camp (Wolf & Bear dens) as one of the activities unless our Webelos had a chance to attend Day Camp also (or something similar like Webelos Woods)

  1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith Post author

    Notice that it doesn’t say “3 pack meetings” It also does not say “3 activities” or “3 meetings” so den meetings don’t count. And pf course pack meetings do qualify but there are many other types of activities that will qualify also. Just make sure it is 3 separate activities that the whole pack is invited to (or at least all the boys).


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