By Madison Austin
Jul 27, 2017

A Big Thunder Ridge Thank You

As hot embers rained down over their heads, firefighters at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp worked tirelessly to keep our camp safe. 

The saga of the Thunder Ridge has been a long and often worrisome one. After countless days of fire rescue and recovery, the fire surrounding the camp went out and Thunder Ridge was left standing. 

Those who put in tireless effort to save our beloved camp won’t be forgotten. Many people, from near and far, came to the rescue when the Brian Head fire began its disastrous journey, making its way towards our camp. The group fighting at the camp included some from the BLM in Idaho, Colorado, and many others including those from our home state. We are so grateful for their hard work, bravery, and dedication. Without their efforts, Thunder Ridge would just be a memory!

Their hard work is evident when looking down on Thunder Ridge from above. A burnt and blackened forest surrounds the scout camp. However, there is a clear line that surrounding the camp. The many firefighters spent long days and nights keeping the flames at bay from our camp. Dave Merrill, a Camp Ranger, explained the hard work of many. Some spent an entire night keeping hot embers wet, in order to prevent the fire from spreading into the camp. 


Thunder Ridge Scout Camp, center, still stands, untouched by the Brian Head Fire.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the green of the camp among the ashes and embers of the surrounding forest encircle the camp. This photo is a good reminder of just how close we came to losing our Scout sanctuary. 

Thunder Ridge Scout Camp was a home to many before the fire. It brought joy to countless campers. Many made lasting memories there. And now, thanks to the tireless work of many, it will continue this way. 

The firefighters who helped save our camp definitely demonstrated the Scout Oath this summer by helping those in need. This time, however, it was the Boy Scouts who were in need. 

Thank You.





Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 

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