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By Madison Austin
May 30, 2018

Be a Wood Badge pioneer: participate in the pilot courses of the updated program

This July, be a pioneer in shaping future leaders by participating in the new, pilot Wood Badge course!

wood badge pilot course 2018In preparation of the Wood Badge Centennial in 2020, the Wood Badge program is being updated. Only a handful of pilot programs are available across the nation and the Utah National Parks Council has been given the opportunity to host one of these courses. We’re so excited to have our Scouters be pioneers in shaping the future of leadership training.

Why me?

The best and most effective changes start with individuals. The skill and leadership principles taught and practiced at Wood Badge are applicable to all aspects of life, including marriage, parenting, work and church responsibilities. Skills like these are taught in higher education courses, large corporations and world-class training programs, but you can get it all with a Scout’s thrifty pricing.

What’s different?

Current Wood Badge Pilot Wood Badge
6 Day Course 5 Day Course
Themes: Living the values, bringing the vision to life, models for success, tools of the trade, leading to make a difference. Themes: Living the values, growing, guiding and empowering.
Leadership Competencies: generations in Scouting, communicating, stages of team development, leading/teaching EDGE, project planning, leading change, decision making and problem-solving, managing conflict, self-assessment, servant leadership, leaving a legacy. Leadership Competencies: Know thyself, learn to listen and listen to learn, plant with bias for action, develop individuals and teams, know the territory, apply interpersonal savvy, manage conversations, embrace and lead change, create a culture, inspire the heart.

When and Where?

The pilot Wood Badge course is a 5-day program and will only be held once this summer, so don’t miss out!

When: July 17-21, 2018

Where: Tifie Scout Camp, located near Mount Pleasant

Register For the Wood Badge Pilot Course

Visit www.utahscouts.org/woodbadgepilot. If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact Paul Radcliffe @ darlaup@gmail.com or call 801-376-6826.


Register HERE

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to be a Wood Badge pioneer!


Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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