By Annaleis Smith
Jul 17, 2018

The Future of Scouting in Utah

I’ve heard it said that “The future is what you make of it.”  Well, that is certainly true about the future of Scouting in Utah.  It will be what the Scouts, the parents, and the Scout leaders decide they want it to be.  It will be what we make happen. It can be almost anything (keeping BSA policies, rules, and regulations in mind) that we want to create.

What will happen to Scouting in Utah?

There is no denying that Scouting in Utah could be very different 2 years from now than it was 2 years ago or is today.  With the LDS Church’s announcement to discontinue all their charters at the end of 2019, many Scouts and Scouters are asking…”What will happen to Scouting in Utah?”  And with over 99% of the current units in the Utah National Parks Council being chartered by the LDS Church this is a very valid question. The honest truth, of course, is that no one really knows.  If we could see into the future, with 2020 vision, (pun intended) then we would know how to proceed in a logical way based on that knowledge.  But since we can’t see into the future, I think maybe we should actually be asking a different question instead:

What CAN happen to the future of Scouting in Utah?

By asking what can it be, rather than what will it be we automatically put more action into the question.  Hopefully, it makes you think about what actions you can take to help create the future of Scouting in Utah.  The future you would like to see for our youth. What part of Scouting do you love most?  How would you like to help?  Seriously, opportunities abound and ALL roles will be filled by true volunteers (Think about that a minute – kinda cool!)  Maybe you are like me and you know you want to be involved but you are not quite sure exactly where you will fit in. That probably brings you to the next logical question:

How can I help create the Future of Scouting in Utah?

Are you thinking you do want to continue to be involved in Scouting?  Not sure what you want to do or what opportunities might be out there?  There is an upcoming event to help you gather more information and to educate us all on some of the various ways that we can support Scouting both during the next year plus of transition and after the LDS Church discontinues its sponsorship.  The event is also designed to inform existing adult Scouters, more about how they can help organize new units outside of the LDS Church.

Step one –  Start exploring the possibilities.

Special events to explore the many possibilities are being planned for August in both Provo and in St. George. (St George event TBA)

Download the above Future of Scouting Flier and share it with other Scouters you know.  Then put it on your calendar and plan to attend.  Think of this as Step One on your personal journey to figure out where you might fit.  How you can be a part of and help create the future of Scouting in Utah.  If you are willing to or plan to continue Scouting in 2020 and beyond let your district Key 3 know now.  Even if you are not sure how or where you want to serve you can make the declaration to Scout Me In!

Author Annaleis Smith is a “stay-at-home” mom of 5 (3 boys 2 girls).  She has been a Cub Scout leader since 2003.  She has also been involved with district roundtables since 2008 and various council committees (including Akela’s Council) since 2010. Annaleis currently serves as a Cubmaster, Assistant Roundtable Commissioner, and president of the Commissioner College Cabinet for UNPC.

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    No podemos dejar acabar un programa que por tantos años ha hecho mucho bien, y que es una necesidad para nuestros niños y nuestros jovenes.


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