By Nicole Balmforth
Jan 15, 2019

What Volunteerism Means to Our Volunteers

The Boy Scouts of America is a volunteer-based organization which means we depend on the commitment of others to help teach our programs to the youth in their community. According to the Boy Scouts of America website, “the average Scout volunteer gives 20 hours of service each month, and 96 percent of volunteers say they would recommend volunteering for the BSA to other adults.” We take pride in our volunteers, and we are very fortunate to have such amazing individuals providing a helping hand. We are going to meet and learn what five volunteers have said about Scouting and volunteerism.

Pualani Graham

Pualani Graham, pictured on the left, at the 2018 Influential Women in Scouting ceremony.

At the Utah National Parks Council, Pualani Graham is the Council Advancement and Recognition Chair. Graham initially started as a Den leader and is going into her 35th year of service here at the Council. Graham stated she is “always for the boys,” meaning she supports them and wants to help them in her advancement position. As the Council Advancement and Recognition Chair, she fights for young men who need an extension or who have other issues. She enjoys her job tremendously because of how rewarding the program is. She loves watching Scouts grow and become the responsible, mature adults that the program helps shape them into.

“Volunteering is doing something helpful without seeking payment,” said Graham. When she serves others, she gets a really good feeling inside. Graham always wanted her kids to learn service which is why she always sought out opportunities to serve others.

Darryl Alder

Darryl Alder’s a retired professional Scouter who has occupied many different roles and positions within The Boy Scouts of America. Currently, he’s registered as Troop Committee Chairman for his local Church unit and a Scouting Ambassador. He has worked with the BSA for 32 years and still writes blog articles intermittently for the Council.

Volunteering is very rewarding for someone who wants to influence youth, said Alder. He feels gratified when he gets the opportunity to influence someone’s character, citizenship, fitness, and leadership capabilities. “There’s a magic in youth leading youth with an adult training them in the outdoors,” said Alder. Volunteerism is so satisfying because of the impact on youth.

Lee Hansen

Lee Hansen is an Assistant Council Commissioner for the Council, but his first experience within the Boy Scouts of America was as a Scout. One of his duties as the Assistant Council Commissioner was to look for properties that could become camps. He and others helped secure 100 acres for camp at Eagle Mountain. His successes are made all the better by knowing the joy these properties will provide for our youth.

“Being a volunteer is a chance to serve the community as well as educate young individuals,” said Hansen. Hansen believes the BSA’s programs are more effective than others at teaching young individuals about ethics and their importance. To him, the BSA shows young men and women the skills to lead a successful, happy life.

Steven Baugh

As Council Commissioner of Education, Steven Baugh works with others to find additional unit leaders and chartered partners. He’s been working with the Council since the ’90s in a variety of positions. Baugh loves working and volunteering within the BSA not only because of the youth but because of the other men and women contributing. Volunteerism is having a service ethic, said Baugh, and many of the people working and volunteering here have this ethic. Baugh stated that he couldn’t think of a better opportunity to be of service to youth. He loves working with the young Scouts.

Annaleis Smith

As Cubmaster for Pack 80 and Assistant Council Commissioner over Commissioner College, as well as a Scouting Ambassador, Annaleis Smith keeps herself fairly busy here at the Utah National Parks Council. She’s been involved with the Boy Scouts of America for a little over 15 years now. And, in her spare time, she even writes articles for our blog.

Volunteerism to her means choosing to spend some of her free time helping the BSA and those involved in it. Smith believes it is fulfilling to work for an organization that believes in Duty to God and Duty to Country. She thinks the character attributes that the Boy Scouts of America works to instill in young men and now women are very important.


We’d like to thank all our volunteers for the amazing work they are doing. Volunteerism to us as an organization is imperative. We need individuals with an interest in volunteering their time and talents to build youth. Your continued dedication to making the Scouting program better is everything.

Want to change the world by making a difference in youth’s lives?
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Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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