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By Richard DuBois
Mar 06, 2016

Hand-in-Hand — Priesthood and Scouting

At LDS.org “President Monson Discusses the strengths of Scouting” it states: The partnership of the Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting stretches back nearly a century. The Church officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America in 1913, after the Scouting movement began in England in 1907, spread to many other countries, and was formally started in […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 05, 2013

The Impact of the Award of the Buffalo

I have had a few days to digest my experience at the High Uintah Scout camp as staff chaplain. Those two weeks went by too fast. The Utah National Parks Council made a special award called the “Award of the Buffalo” It is a larger version of the Old Duty to God award to be worn […]