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By Jarom Shaver
Feb 22, 2017

Do Scout Leaders Really Let the Boy Lead?

We recently received some inspirational emails from some of our Scout leaders. They wrote to us with sincerity and passion about the importance of letting boys lead. Do we as Scout leaders really allow the boy’s to lead? The Young Men General Presidency recently announced three principles of becoming an impact teacher, one of which […]

By Arturo Malpica
Aug 16, 2015

Comprender el propósito del Escultismo

Nuestros esfuerzos como asesores de los Hombres Jóvenes y líderes de Escultismo pueden tener consecuencias eternas. Cuando era presidente de misión, una zona en particular estaba teniendo mucho éxito. Le pregunté a uno de los líderes de zona: “Élder, ¿qué está sucediendo aquí?”. Su respuesta fue: “Presidente, en la escuela secundaria corría a campo traviesa […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Apr 08, 2015

The Survey Says …

Last March, the National Advancement Committee surveyed Advancement News subscribers on the subject of Boy Scout positions of responsibility. Thank you, readers! Almost 1,300 of you responded, and here is what they said: The responses to whether qualifying positions of responsibility should be identical for the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks showed a split of opinion, but […]

By Bryan Wendell
Nov 18, 2014

Why Wood Badge?

Volunteers expect fun and fellowship at a Wood Badge course, but much more awaits. Read on about how this training session helps new-to-Scouting adults lead more successful packs, troops and crews. NO UMBRELLA-TOPPED drinks served poolside. No quality time with your Kindle. No seaweed body wraps, no room service, no hot-stone massages. Is Wood Badge a […]