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doctor exam boy feature
By Arturo Malpica
May 23, 2015

¿Por qué la organización BSA requiere que todos los participantes tengan un Registro Médico y de Salud Anual?

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el Registro Médico y de Salud Anual P. ¿Por qué la organización BSA requiere que todos los participantes tengan un Registro Médico y de Salud Anual? R. El RMSA tiene muchos propósitos. Completar una historia de salud fomenta la conciencia sobre la salud, recopila los datos necesarios y proporciona a los profesionales […]

Scout Troop
By Maria Milligan
Mar 25, 2015

Strengthen Your Troop, Strengthen Your Deacons Quorum

When Scoutmasters are called in the LDS Church, they often become leaders both in weekly Scout meetings and in the deacons quorum. The best-functioning LDS troops are those that use Scouting to strengthen their priesthood quorums and prepare young men for missions while also fulfilling Scouting’s aims. In an effort to better serve and communicate with LDS leaders, our […]

breakfast on a buddy burner
By Darryl Alder
Feb 09, 2015

Buddy Burner—a Scout’s First Stove

How to make a Buddy Burner and Hobo Stove Materials: √ Flat tuna, pet food or pineapple can √ Plain corrugated cardboard (not printed with bright inks or coated with wax or plastic) √ Candle wax or paraffin √ Wire coat hanger √ Wire cutters √ Nail and Hamer √ #10 gallon can (the large […]

By Gina Bègin
Sep 12, 2014

Comfortable Camping: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Tents

This is Part I in a series of getting comfortable with camping. For more, see Part II: Choosing a Sleeping Bag & Pad. Your friends are planning an incredible multi-day trip at a nearby national park and everyone is buzzing with excitement about ditching the “four walls” and getting into nature—that is, everyone but you. Does […]

By Community Submission
Jan 06, 2014

How to Prevent Hypothermia by Fox News, Dr. Manny Alverez

Hypothermia is a condition defined as the profound cooling of the body core temperature to less than 96 degrees Fahrenheit. As our body temperature drops, the cooling effect has a significant impact on our senses. People with hypothermia become very disoriented; others develop hallucinations. These conditions can produce atypical behavior, and often exacerbate the problem […]

Utah feature
By Liz Merrell
Nov 26, 2013

Scout Camp Combats Nature Deficit Disorder

When children do not spend time outside there is a consequence–Nature Deficit Disorder. Nature Deficit Disorder is caused by an alienation from nature.  Children who do not spend enough time outdoors have attention difficulties and exhibit higher rates of emotional and physical illness. Nature Deficit Disorder can be detected in individuals, families, and communities, according […]

Psych 2
By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 25, 2013

29 Rules of Camping Post – “Psych”: I Know, You Know, That I’m Not Telling the Truth

The Psych theme song by the Friendly Indians includes the lyrics, “…I know, you know, that I’m not telling the truth.” If you have not heard it or if you just loving listening to it, click on the video. It came to our attention yesterday, in part because of all the comments we received on the […]

By Community Submission
Sep 23, 2013

Are We Almost There?

We had a great campout. Our Troop had three Eleven-Year-Old Scouts and two Scouts as Troop Guides along with the two EYO Scout Leaders. We drove up to the designated trailhead where we made banana boats for dessert and assembled some freeze dried fruit and oatmeal for breakfast – I didn’t want to carry food for everyone. […]

Tug of War 2
By Darryl Alder
Sep 18, 2013

A Case for the Outing in Scouting

Data from the U.S. Department of Education and from several recent university studies show that far from being shy and demoralized, today’s girls outshine boys. ?         Girls get better grades. ?         They have higher educational aspirations. ?         They follow a more rigorous academic program and participate more in the prestigious      Advanced Placement (AP) program. ?         […]

wood badge
By Mat Greenfield
Jul 11, 2013

Wood Badge: A Game Changer or Merely Hype?

Attendees often use phrases like ‘inspirational’ and even ‘life-changing’ to describe their Wood Badge experience. But is the week-long leadership training experience all that it’s cracked up to be? Can a week of camping really have the impact proclaimed by its champions? Wood Badge for the 21st Century is the modern iteration of an adult […]

camp-cooking feature
By Mat Greenfield
Jun 11, 2013

Is your dutch-oven holding you back?

I like dutch oven dinners. One of my favorites is boneless pork ribs in a bbq sauce. I like cobbler too, apple, cherry, peach – whatever! Sometimes when I think of camping, that’s the sort of things I have in mind, good food, a camp-chair, and a cot to sleep in. My wife and I like […]

Catching Crawdads at Scofield Scout Camp is fun!
By Liz Merrell
Jun 05, 2013

Crawdad heaven

We surveyed 100 Boy Scouts and asked, “What do you like most at Scout camp? “ The number one answer at Frandsen Scout Camp at Scofield Reservoir was crawdad hunting. For those of you who have never heard of a “Crawdad” it is a name for a crustacean crayfish or crawfish. Crawdads look like miniature […]

By Dave Pack
Apr 19, 2013

Blackened Scrambled Pancakes

Scout campouts have a specific cuisine not found anywhere else. You will not find it in a restaurant, you will not find it at home, and your mother would never cook it for you: Scouts call it Blackened Scrambled Pancakes. It may sound disgusting but you have to know how Boy Scouts make them before […]

Spencer Feature
By Stephen Hales
Apr 15, 2013

Spencer’s Climb

My son, Spencer Hales, died this past October from brain cancer. He was 25 years old, and had been a student at BYU until he became too ill to continue. Spencer enjoyed Scouting and had earned the rank of Eagle. He loved the outdoors, in part because of great experiences he had camping as a […]