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By Kent Nobis
Nov 05, 2013

Get a Head Start Shopping for the Holidays and Support Utah National Park Scouts!

http://hybridlightscouts.com/home/KZY47 Trying to find the perfect gift for the holidays?  What does everyone need – a FLASHLIGHT! Don’t think so? Here’s a challenge for you: Walk around your house and find all the flashlights that you own and try to turn them on. If you are like me, and many others, you have 10-12 flashlights […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 02, 2013

Kids Craft: How to Make a Santa Ornament for Home School Activity

Whether your Scout or kids attend(s) public school, private school, charter school or are home schooled, the greatest learning opportunity is at home with a parent. Here is a great activity you can do at home that is not only fun and inexpensive but educational. Kids can learn about fractions, measurement and make a print of […]