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By John Gailey
Feb 04, 2015

Scout Camp Adventure Track Introduction

In an earlier Blog article, we talked about some of the exciting changes coming to three of our Scout camps this year – Tifie Scout Camp, Scofield Scout Camp, and Thunder Ridge Scout Camp. Adventure Tracks Scout camps have historically focused on teaching merit badge classes. Based on feedback from unit leaders and chartered organization partners, […]

Catching Crawdads at Scofield Scout Camp is fun!
By Liz Merrell
Jun 05, 2013

Crawdad heaven

We surveyed 100 Boy Scouts and asked, “What do you like most at Scout camp? “ The number one answer at Frandsen Scout Camp at Scofield Reservoir was crawdad hunting. For those of you who have never heard of a “Crawdad” it is a name for a crustacean crayfish or crawfish. Crawdads look like miniature […]