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By Darryl Alder
Jul 24, 2015

A Pioneer Among Scouting’s Pioneers

The early days of Scouting were shaped by a group of pioneers: Baden Powell, of course, with British Scouting;  William D Boyce, as the man who brought Scouting to America; Ernest Thompson Seaton, who merged his Woodcraft Indians with BSA; James E West, whose fortitude and persistence merged many youth groups into a unified BSA and Daniel Carter […]

By Brent Ashworth
Nov 13, 2013

This Week in History: October 22

Events: 451 – The Council of Chalcedon adopts the Chalcedonian Creed regarding the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ. 1746 – The College of New Jersey (later renamed Princeton University) receives its charter. 1797 – One thousand meters (3,200 feet) above Paris, Andre-Jacques Garnerin makes the first recorded parachute jump. 1836 – Sam Houston […]