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By Community Submission
Nov 10, 2017

What Makes A Boy Want To Be An Eagle Scout?

What makes a boy want to be an Eagle Scout? What is different about a Scout, and especially about an Eagle Scout? Why was the highest order of Scouting named after the emblem of our country, the national bird, THE EAGLE? How an Eagle Scout is Like an Eagle Because the Eagle Scout, and the […]

By Darryl Alder
Aug 01, 2015

Hundreds of Eagle Project Ideas

Before applying for the Eagle Scout Award, the application says that “while you are a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community.” But what to do is a very real question? Here are 300 of this last year’s Eagles and their […]

By Community Submission
Nov 15, 2013

A Collection of Eagle Poems

 EAGLE One day many summers ago In an Indian Village An old warrior, a woman, and a shepherd Were sitting and talking Enjoying the springtime sun. Overhead an Eagle flew Drifting, circling, dipping Against a sky the color of deep water. The shepherd looked at the Eagle and saw Terror and death from the skies, […]

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Oct 31, 2013

Transferred Learning: Duty to God in Action

Duty to God in Action Now that’s the essence of what we do—giving boys an understanding of the words duty to God. That means we must teach them, translate for them, and help them see the connection between what they’re doing in the mechanical and how it relates to the moral. Duty to God is not a […]