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By Michelle Carpenter
Feb 20, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Connect Scouts to Presidential Ancestors

An apostle of God challenged youth across the world to do family history work. My siblings jumped on the challenge, given by Elder Neil L. Anderson, and started searching through ancestors on FamilySearch. They dressed in Sunday best and drove to the SLC temple before school started. I remember my freshman sister begging my mom […]

By Maloree Anderson
Jun 27, 2016

What is the Social Media Certification and Why Should I Do It?

Two words: Social Media. As one of the top forms of communication these days, in one way or another you have been exposed to it. Whether you have your own personal profile, or you join in on your friend’s selfie that they posted, or even just watching the news. You cannot avoid the social networking […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 08, 2014

Like Us on Facebook

Social media is a great resource to connect with friends and share information. It is a great way for Scouts to share with parents experiences at camp or Scouting activities. I love it because I find all kinds of things that I am interested in like recipes, connecting with friends from out of state or […]