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By Community Submission
Jan 06, 2014

How to Prevent Hypothermia by Fox News, Dr. Manny Alverez

Hypothermia is a condition defined as the profound cooling of the body core temperature to less than 96 degrees Fahrenheit. As our body temperature drops, the cooling effect has a significant impact on our senses. People with hypothermia become very disoriented; others develop hallucinations. These conditions can produce atypical behavior, and often exacerbate the problem […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 02, 2014

Tips to Help You Save

Here are some great tips by Danny Kofke, author of “A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom” to help you save in 2014. One tip, order water when you eat out. Not only is it better for you but will also help you to save money. A Scout is thrifty. How to budget and deal with […]