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By Community Submission
Dec 28, 2014

The Countess and the Impossible

This third day of Kwanzaa, we consider Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima ): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, and to solve them together. As a young Scout in the 1960s, our Scoutmaster Farnes Berntsen taught us how to work, and work hard. One evening […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Dec 23, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas: A Scout is Clean

“A Scout is Clean. A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He chooses the company of those who live by high standards. He helps keep his home and community clean.” In 2010, Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” spoke at the National Jamboree. He explained to the gathered Scouts, “I’m here in […]