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By Makenzie Wistisen
Sep 23, 2017

Rondo Fehlburg Praises Silver Beavers for Living the Scouting Values of Honesty and Integrity

The Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America, held its annual Silver Beaver Recognition Ceremony on Saturday, September 23rd in the cultural hall of an Orem stake center. Packed wall to wall, families and recipients poured into the crowded space, eagerly shaking off damp clothes from the foggy rain outside. For the first time […]

By Community Submission
Nov 13, 2014

An Eagle Scout’s Promise

Every day we come in contact with people we don’t know, but that we rely on to be honest, upright and courteous in their interactions with us.  I have often reflected on how I can tell or know when someone is being truthful with me; how do we know?  One way may be who they […]