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By Madison Austin
May 03, 2019

Utah National Parks Council 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, the Utah National Parks Council demonstrated how Scouting is striving and thriving. As the #1 largest council in the Boy Scouts of America, we excelled in almost every area of performance.  More people than ever are camping at our facilities and enjoying the benefits of outdoor experiences. In serving our chartered partners, we consistently […]

By Derrick Larsen
Oct 18, 2016

How Can Cub Scouts be Missionaries Now?

With Peer to Peer Membership Recruitment  Nearly 18 months ago I wrote: “You may ask yourself if Scouting has a place in this work [missionary work]? The Council’s membership committee surely thinks so. In fact they have released materials to help you (see “Real Growth—Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Campaign). The nice thing is that all registration fees for youth […]

By Darryl Alder
Jul 12, 2016

The Pack Membership and Reregistration Coordinator

The pack membership and re-registration coordinator is essential to the health of the pack. There are boys in your community that need Cub Scouting—your job is to help them join. You can learn your duties on-line or read this: Along with the Cubmaster, pack committee and ward mission leader, develop and carry out a plan for year-round membership […]

By Stan Lockhart
Feb 29, 2016

Journey to Excellence

You may have noticed Scouting is full of acronyms. Especially at the end of the year, you probably heard Scouters mention “JTE” or Journey to Excellence. According to National’s JTE webpage, “Scouting’s Journey to Excellence is the BSA’s council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, […]

By Community Submission
Oct 18, 2015

LDS/BSA Partnership; Serving Native American Scouts

Here’s a little background that may help each of you understand where I’m coming from on Scouting units in the LDS Church. Years ago, on my mission, my companion and I were assigned to travel through Indian Reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, and the sections of Utah and Colorado in the Four Corners region. Our major […]

By Adrian
Jul 06, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Troop Needs Business Cards

I know it sounds a little odd to think of a Scout Troop having business cards, but actually, they can be quite a helpful tool.  And with services like VistaPrint or other online print services, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain.  Our Troop has business cards as well as a trifold brochure that […]

By LDS-BSA Relationships
May 04, 2014

Five Suggestions for Growing LDS Units

These ideas were presented during a January 2013 Little Philmont During the last year of celebrating the Church’s 100 years of participation in Scouting, we have been invited to reach out to include additional young men from our wards and neighborhoods in this great program. 1. Focus on reactivating those currently not active Counsel together […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Mar 03, 2014

Utah National Parks Council 2013 Annual Report

A delegation of BSA representatives and Scouter descended on Washington, D.C. last week to deliver the 2013 Report to the Nation. As explained by Bryan On Scouting, the report is the cliff notes version of the past year of Scouting, presented to the nation to show the millions of hours of community service, Eagle Scout […]