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By Derrick Larsen
Oct 18, 2016

How Can Cub Scouts be Missionaries Now?

With Peer to Peer Membership Recruitment  Nearly 18 months ago I wrote: “You may ask yourself if Scouting has a place in this work [missionary work]? The Council’s membership committee surely thinks so. In fact they have released materials to help you (see “Real Growth—Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Campaign). The nice thing is that all registration fees for youth […]

By Maria Milligan
Mar 13, 2016

Scouting Prepares Missionaries

For the past two years, the Utah National Parks Council has focused on a series of tools that help Scouters better communicate with LDS leaders. These tools grew out of two surveys conducted by RED research and Rushford Lee that asked LDS leaders what outcomes they wanted from Scouting and why they thought Scouting mattered to […]

By Community Submission
Dec 28, 2014

Nine Year Old Cub Scout Leads Family Back to Church

Early in their marriage, my daughter and son-in-law chose not to attend weekly church services.  After years of no church involvement, their nine year old son (my grandson) was invited to participate with some of his friends in a local Cub Scout pack.  During the weekday Cub Scout activities, his friends would talk about what […]