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By Michelle Carpenter
Feb 20, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Connect Scouts to Presidential Ancestors

An apostle of God challenged youth across the world to do family history work. My siblings jumped on the challenge, given by Elder Neil L. Anderson, and started searching through ancestors on FamilySearch. They dressed in Sunday best and drove to the SLC temple before school started. I remember my freshman sister begging my mom […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Feb 15, 2015

Presidents’ Day: The US Presidents and Scouting

Every President of the United States has supported the work of BSA and in celebration of President’s Day we have posted some of their activities in Scouting at The Voice of Scouting. There you can get a quick snapshot of what our Presidents have done with or said about Scouting right from our founding in 1920. (The […]

By Community Submission
Nov 22, 2014

Does Scouting Matter?

As an elementary school child, I always looked forward to school holidays, especially Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, we got out of school at noon early in the week, and my family always headed to our family hunting camp for the holiday. November 22, the day we got out of school for Thanksgiving in 1963, my teacher came into the room. She had been […]