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By Utah National Parks Council
Jul 02, 2017

Let Them Lead: Solving Problems

A Come, Follow Me lesson on self-reliance explains, “Self-reliance includes the ability to find solutions to our own problems and challenges. Many of these solutions are found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Heavenly Father is mindful of the challenges we face. He loves us and wants to help us.” President Thomas S. […]

By Darryl Alder
Feb 20, 2016

Why Scouts Need to Fry Pickles and Oreos

I was at the University of Scouting learning from John Gilbert the how and why of cooking these two items. But before I tell you how, let me tell you about the circumstance. There were two sessions of about 20 each, so John divided them into patrol sized groups. In minutes, they were working in teams rolling […]

By Community Submission
Feb 02, 2015

Recycling, Upcycling, and Cub Scout Fun Help Make a Resourceful Child

While your child doesn’t need to prepare business plans or plan corporate takeovers yet, start now to help him develop the problem-solving skills and creative thinking he’ll need to become a resourceful adult. Recycling Recycling is a resourceful way to help the environment, and you can turn it into a special activity for you and […]