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By Stan Lockhart
Feb 22, 2016

Online Registration and Affordable Uniforms

Recently, our council and many other councils in the Western Region met with LDS Church leaders and National Council leaders to discuss how to better implement Scouting in the LDS Church. Over 100 people were there. We discussed a host of issues (You can read Darryl Alder’s report on the meeting and what was discussed […]

By Adrian
Aug 19, 2015

What I WISH Rechartering Was Like

For this post, I enlisted our Troop’s Membership Chair, Ruth Penderghast.  I know our Troop is larger than most, which makes rechartering an unusually long and difficult process, but I’m sure many smaller Troops struggle to complete their rechartering process as well.  Maybe together, we can come up with some suggestions for the various Councils […]

By Stan Lockhart
Jun 22, 2015

Bringing Scout Registration and Rechartering into the 21st Century

One of the biggest points of “pain” for our chartered partners is registration and rechartering. Those who get the assignment in each unit find that we use 20th century methods that are cumbersome and frustrating. National BSA has been working on this issue for a number of years and we simply haven’t received needed results. Recently, […]