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By Natalie Scherck
Jun 08, 2017

Boy Scout Camp for the Whole Ward and Stake?

A Pleasant Grove ward gathers together on a beautiful Thursday morning to pray. They arrived at Tifie Scout Camp on Monday with 59 youth and over a dozen adult leaders. As they stand, the young woman praying asks specifically that they will not be β€œtoo hurt or too tired.” They have had many memorable (and apparently […]

By Michelle Carpenter
May 25, 2017

Three Obvious Reasons Your Family Should Go Camping at Scout Camp

If you think Scout camp is just for your kids, think again. Parents aren’t content anymore to just hang back as their kids have all the fun adventuring with other people.  According to the New York Times, summer camp for the whole family is trending.  “Now, resorts β€” some luxe, others more basic β€” are […]