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By Michelle Carpenter
Dec 26, 2016

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

It’s still 2016, but we’re about to say goodbye to the old year!  We all had some crazy Scouting experiences in the past twelve months–memorable moments, funny mishaps, and new Scout procedures. While you made many Scouting memories on your own, the Boy Scout captured some exciting things. Here’s your favorite ten posts (based off […]

By Community Submission
Mar 25, 2016

Scouter’s Pledge Adapted for Venturing

At the Western Region’s LDS Venturing blog, David wrote this adaptation of the Scouter’s Pledge to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Utah National Parks Council put this pledge forward as part of our commitment to better serve our major LDS customer base. (More than 99% of our Scouting units chartered are sponsored by the LDS […]

By David Johnson
Mar 09, 2016

Mission Preparation Adventure at Maple Dell

Introducing Maple Dell’s New Varsity/Venturing Program What is your son doing this summer for mission preparation?  Hopefully he has a good job making decent money that he can sock away in his bank account, but what about emotional and spiritual preparation? How does he “earn” some of these things to be stored away? To introduce one […]