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By Maloree Anderson
Oct 04, 2017

Camping: A Scoutmaster’s Secret Weapon

Sometimes it can be intimidating to be called as a Scoutmaster. Especially if you don’t have any previous Scouting experience. Have no fear for you have a secret weapon: Camping! Camping is the ‘outing’ of Scouting and a critical element of the Scouting program. In this article you will learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why, […]

By Community Submission
Nov 15, 2013

A Scouter’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. One of the ways we can do that is through poems and prayer. A SCOUTER’S THANKSGIVING PRAYER  With reverence in our hearts, We, Your many children of many beliefs, United in common purpose, Gather to offer this our humble prayer, In Thanksgiving: As Scouters we are thankful for: […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 04, 2013

Silver Beaver: Mark Tanner

Mark Tanner, Orangeville-UT Mark contributed his time and means as a Scoutmaster and Varsity Coach. He’s been to Wood Badge and was recognized with the Award of Merit. He’s been to Wood Badge and was recognized with the Award of Merit. He is currently a valuable member of the district Key 3 serving as commissioner. […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 25, 2013

Silver Beaver Award: John Sorenson

John Sorenson, St. George-UT John has been a Scoutmaster in two councils spanning two decades. He served our council twice as a Jamboree leader. John has been active in youth sports programs both coaching and providing required physicals as well as being present during games as the team physician. Congratulations to John Sorenson-

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 24, 2013

Silver Beaver: John Payne

John Payne, Provo-UT John has been the Provo Peak Association President for four years, and a Varsity Coach and Scoutmaster for many more. He has served on the district level as a unit commissioner and assistant district commissioner, John Payne is renowned for his action and wisdom in Scouting. Congratulations to John Payne –

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 23, 2013

Silver Beaver: Steven Lowry

Steven Lowry, Orem-UT Steve is a Scoutmaster and the district webmaster keeping newsletters and calendars up to date for the many volunteers in Orem District. He has been a member of the Elks Club and coached youth in soccer and softball. Steve is a willing member of training staffs and campouts for the council. Congratulations […]

By Dave Pack
Oct 17, 2013

What is Leadership?

Scouting aims to help boys develop into well-rounded young men. Every aspect of Scouting is designed to create a foundation for a boys’ development. One of the methods designed to accomplish this is leadership. But what is leadership in Scouting? Leadership should be centered around the boys. Similar to when a boy makes blackened scrambled pancakes (see article), […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 17, 2013

Silver Beaver: Marcus Lazzar

Marcus Lazzar, Lehi-UT Marcus is the no-nonsense, highly trained and successful district commissioner in one of the largest districts. His experience includes in part: OA Chapter Advisor, Venturing Roundtable Commissioner, Council Committee Member, Tiger Coach, Skipper, Scoutmaster, and Crew Advisor. Congratulations to Marcus Lazzar-

Deron Johnson awarded Silver Beaver by Utah National Parks Council
By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 17, 2013

Silver Beaver: Deron Johnson

Deron Johnson, Orem-UT Deron has been a Timberline staff member and Course Director for several years helping to save and change boys’ lives. He was Scoutmaster and Crew Advisor for six years each. As an Explorer Leadership Institute member, he earned his Gavel and was an Exploring Training Commissioner. Congratulations to Deron Johnson-

By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 17, 2013

Val Hale: Role of Assistant Scoutmaster and Role of Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce President

Val Hale is the president of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and is also a Scoutmaster. His role as Chamber President coincides with his role in Scouting: Mentoring. As president of the Chamber of Commerce, Val mentors businesses to help them reach their goals because successful businesses create a successful community. And as a […]