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By Maloree Anderson
Jun 20, 2016

Scouts and families enjoy the 2016 Maple Dell Scout Show

It was a delightful day to attend the Maple Dell Scout Show. Payson Canyon gave its Scout camp the perfect atmosphere to host a family day. The sun was ablaze, the lake gleaming below, and even wildlife came to investigate what the summer fuss was about. The camp was full of exciting activities for the families to […]

By Ken Cluff
Jul 29, 2015

Learning to Swim

I learned to swim in an irrigation canal running through my Dad’s farm when I was a kid. I swam great doing the doggy-paddle but that was it. When I got a little older my brothers and I would go to a swimming hole in the Provo River bottoms. We had a rope hanging from […]

By Darryl Alder
Apr 03, 2015

Tour Plans for Dummies (Chapter 2)

As I explained in Chapter 1, I’ve used the Dummies series to help me in all kinds of situations, so I’m trying it here for Scouters using Tour Plans. (Please, no disrespect meant from the title, this is just a primer for the neophyte.) When is a Tour Plan Required? First and foremost, the tour and activity plan lets […]