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By Steve Frisby
Feb 21, 2015

Just Desserts Caveman Style

My cooking and running buddy, Steve Frisby, never was one to cut out desserts when camping, especially when you are trying to help Scouts with cooking requirements. Here are a few of the recipes he collected  and shared with our readers: Candy Apples Core one apple. Add cinnamon and sugar or red hots and cook on […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Feb 14, 2015

Cooking Without Utensils—Making a Gospel Connection

Growing up in the 1960’s foil and utensiless cooking were part of becoming a First Class Scout. Cooking without utensils, while no longer a rank requirement, is a long-time Scouting tradition.  It’s novelty makes it a great deal of fun and an adventure, but don’t miss out on the Gospel implications! Cooking this way is a […]

By Steve Frisby
Feb 07, 2015

Caveman Breakfast Cookout

A long time ago I learned about the happy effect “cooking-shock” has on Scouts. Putting food directly into glowing coals or frying eggs on paper bags, will get nearly any age Scout or Scouter into cooking mode. Below are a few of my good friend Steve Frisby’s favorite minimalist breakfast foods: Breakfast in a baggie […]