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By Steven Baugh
Apr 07, 2016

Varsity Week at Philmont

This is an open call to Bishops and other leaders of young men. When President Monson announced that 18 year-old young men could serve missions, did this raise your anxiety about how to best help these young men prepare? Having served as a Bishop, I suspect that it did. For many of you, I’m fairly sure, […]

By Andy Gibbons
Jun 18, 2015

Varsity Scout Moms

Moms are a major energy source for Scouting. As such they are stakeholders in the success of Varsity Scouting. Ask any Scout who helped them most to move along the trail to Eagle, and he will name his mom. Moms have superpowers. They can see into the future to what their sons might become, and […]

By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 01, 2013

Alpine 8th Ward: How Cool is Scouting, or The Awesomeness of Scouting

Jesse Armitage, Michael Spencer, Garrett Vance, Aaron Miller, Camden Fry, Nathan Shattuck, Cameron Miller, David Hatch – Eight Young Men in the Alpine 8th Ward who together worked on their Communications Merit Badge got together to write a blog article. They came up with the title, and each contributed the reasons they think Scouting is so […]