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By David Johnson
Aug 26, 2017

Year-Round Maple Dell Activities Aren’t Just for Scouts

The term “Scout camp” may make you assume that Maple Dell is just for boys–but it isn’t. In fact, young men, young women, young single adult, school, church, and family groups are all invited to come to Maple Dell Scout Camp in Payson Canyon for year-round activities. Challenge yourself and your group with these outdoor […]

By Advancement News
Jul 14, 2017

Summertime IS Advancement Time

Cub Scouting provides many incentives for continuing a well-thought-out advancement program throughout the summer. However, with sports and family vacations keeping boys away, many leaders wonder if having a year-round program is worth the effort. If pack leaders work together to look for ways to keep their boys involved through the school breaks, they will […]