By Darryl Alder
Mar 30, 2015

April is Safety Month—What Training do You Need?

Safety Merit Badge PamphletThe BSA’s Commitment To Safety

The National Key 3 makes it clear that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. Health and safety must be integrated into everything we do to the point that no injuries are acceptable beyond those that are readily treatable by Scout-rendered first aid.

trailtroubleWilderness First Aid
Learn about the new practices that go way beyond what Scouting leaders may already know as “first aid.” Wilderness First Aid training is here, helping you cope with medical emergencies in the wild and, perhaps more importantly, training you to be a more effective manager in any crisis.


American-Red-Cross-Logo-e1329710316694American Red Cross and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement
Is your unit, district, or council taking full advantage of the national agreement that the Boy Scouts of America has with the American Red Cross?


ECSIEmergency Care & Safety Institute and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement
Find out how you can help make it easier to learn CPR, AED use, and first aid. The Emergency Care & Safety Institute is providing training materials to help Boy Scouts of America volunteers and staff members teach Scouts how to provide life-saving care in the event of an emergency.

Weather SmartPlanning and Preparing for Hazardous Weather ; Weather Smart News, Links, and Resources
Update (7/2012): Also in Spanish (online only at this time).
A CD is available for use at your unit, district, and council events where Internet access is not available. Search for item No. 610642.


Scouting Safety … Begins With Leadership
Right click and download the zip file from the link above and then extract the files into a directory of your choice. This is a large file and it may take some time on slow connections. An outline explains the “sandwich principle” with emphasis on the importance of qualified supervision and discipline. Watch Scouting Safety Begins With Leadership video, No. 19-201.

Safe Swim Defense
Safe Swim Defense is a plan for conducting swimming activities in a safe manner. (Take the course; link below.)

Safety Afloat
Safety Afloat has been developed to promote boating and boating safety and to set standards for safe unit activity afloat. (Take the course; link below.)

Physical Wellness Training Video
Physical Wellness Training was developed to help prepare attendees for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. It is appropriate for leadership in all program areas and for Boy Scout and Venturing youth.

The Risk Zone: Transporting Scouts Safely
Don’t get caught in the Risk Zone! Focus your attention on driving. This roundtable presentation will educate the participants on ways to prevent distractions and fatigue while driving. There is additional presentation material on SUVs and vans, traveling with trailers, and insurance information.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training

Physical Wellness Video

risk zoneAuthor: BSA Risk Management | Boys Scouts of America
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