By Darryl Alder
Apr 15, 2016

Are You Ready to ShakeOut?

Great Shake outIn Utah, earthquakes are an inevitable part of our future. But if we follow the Scout motto to “Be Prepared,” making plans and taking action now, it will help any incident like this to not become a catastrophe. In fact, what we do now can determine what our lives will be like afterward.

Scouting and other nonprofits will join together April 21st, 2016 at 10:15 am for an earthquake drill. However, crews, teams, troops and packs are welcome to drill anytime.  Scout units can drill using one of the four levels of sample drills in the ShakeOut Drill Manual for Non Profits and Other Organizations (PDF). Download Audio and Video “Drill Broadcast” recordings that have been created in English and Spanish to provide instructions during your drill. (This adds a bit of realism and excitement to the drill.)

To conduct your drill, choose from the list below or from the ShakeOut Drill Manual for Non Profits and Other Organizations, then follow these simple steps:

  1. earthquake safetyDrop, Cover, and Hold On:    Wherever you are, Scouts and leaders should Drop to the ground, take Cover under a table or desk, and Hold On to it as if a major earthquake were happening (stay down for at least 60 seconds). Practice now so you will immediately protect yourselves during earthquakes! (See this page for what to do if outside, driving, in a tall building, or other situations.) For people with disabilities or access and functional needs, download this preparedness guide(PDF).
  2. While still under the table, or wherever they are, have the Scouts look around and imagine what would happen in a major earthquake. What would fall on them or others? What would be damaged? What would life be like after? What will your Scouts do before the actual earthquake happens to reduce losses and quickly recover? 
  3. (Optional) Practice what your Scouts and others will do after the shaking stops.
  4. Disaster Clean-upAfterward you should consider what may happen in a major earthquake and plan what you will do now to get prepared, so that when it happens you will be able to recover quickly.
  5. After your drill is complete, have discussions about what was learned and incorporate these lessons into your neighborhood disaster plan.

Major earthquakes can cause devastation beyond anyone’s preparation, but knowing what to do and preparing can go along way in easing pain and suffering after one. With this in mind, join us by registering today as participants for the Great Utah ShakeOut.

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