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Jan 04, 2015

An Elder Writes Home to His Brother

Dear Josh,

reading in a tentHey man, it’s your bro Zac. Right now you are up at Timberline (National Youth Leadership Training) and probably reading this in your tent or by yourself or something. I’m not exactly sure what you’ve just done, but I think it was the rock dedication. I really loved that experience. It was amazing every time, and everyone bore incredible testimonies.

That’s one thing that I’ve learned on my mission, a testimony comes from the heart, it’s the feelings that you feel when you want to express gratitude or when you feel love, or when you know or learn truth. A testimony is one of the greatest things our Heavenly Father has given us. My testimony has grown several times from experiences at Timberline.

I remember the first time I felt so strongly that I knew that God lives and is the creator of our Earth, and my creator as well. It was at Timberline that I gained that testimony. We took a hike the last night sunsetwe were going to be there, and we hiked for about one or two miles, to the top of this ridge. That was one of the last years Timberline was in Bristlecone camp, down by Price and Scofield.

We got to the ridge at the perfect time to watch the sun go down. I remember that one of the Scoutmasters told the story of Captain Moroni and how he fought for the freedom of religion, of his family, his nation, and then the Scoutmaster raised the Title of Liberty and told about how bravely they fought for their country, families, religion, and their God.

Moroni's Title of Liberty flag_18X24_PrintThen he ripped off the Title of Liberty  and underneath it was an American flag. He said that there is a Title of Liberty that stands today, in honor of our country, families, religion, and our God. It was the first time I really understood how important our country is, and the chance for freedom of religion we have.

Then we walked over to the ridge and watched the sun go down over an endless sea of mountains, and I can still feel the feeling I got when we began to sing How Great Thou Art. It was a feeling of truth that I cannot deny that God exists, that he created the world, and that he loves me, Zac Jensen. I get that feeling, or something similar in different situations. This is part of the foundation of my testimony.

Author: Zac Jensen | NYLT Assistant Scoutmaster (taken from a letter he wrote while on his LDS mission to his brother Josh Jensen)

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